8 Signs That Your Rep Onboarding Program Is Broken

Psst. Your rep onboarding program is broken and you don’t even know it. Really.

Did you know that organizations spend an average of 3x more on rep tools than on rep development (Inside Sales.com 2016) and 25X on recruiting (Training Magazine)?  Yet the number one reason that reps leave companies is a lack of development and only one in five executives are happy with their rep onboarding program  (Sales Architects 2014). I could hit you with more stats but we already see a common theme here…most company’s onboarding programs are broken and it’s costing these organizations a lot of money.

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Want to learn the signs of a broken onboarding program? Read the article that I wrote for SalesPop!Eight Signs My Rep Onboarding Program Is Broken.  Then, click through to the next article to learn the components of a World Class onboarding program that you can steal immediately. Read the article here.

Want more? I did a quick video on what good sales training looks like. What are you going to change in your onboarding program?