3 Free Resources For Our Sales Community

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I’m proud to share three opportunities to help our community:

1. OPEN BAR: Virtual Selling Expert Forum & Best Practice Sharing  

An exclusive closed session only for “Friends of Factor 8” hosted at The Sales Bar (hey, THIS bar is still open) 

Join five virtual inside sales experts and me while will sip & share do’s, don’ts, tips and tricks for selling, managing, and leading virtual sales teams.  If you’re 2 weeks or 2 days in, you can take something from our experts with over 50 years of combined virtual experience. Extended Q&A time. Bring a cocktail!

Casual. Tip-rich. No-pitch peer learning brought to you by your Friends at Factor 8.

April 1st  2pm PST / 5pm EDT

(recording available if you register, but we hope you join us live – kids and furbabies welcome!)

2. Frontline Manager & Leader Workshop: How to Coach & Provide Leadership in a Remote Environment

An in-depth virtual training session with real-time help, skills, tips, and strategies for leading and developing our teams in a virtual environment.  This isn’t a casual listen-in or panel, it’s a highly interactive training session designed for sales leaders to bring their whole management team.  

1. How to move floor coaching to remote coaching

2. Building engagement in meetings, training and coaching

3. A step-by-step model for delivering quality call coaching feedback

5. A formula for making time to coach the right reps the right amount

6. Building rep confidence and engagement

7. Actual practice and samples + 4 free templates, cheat sheets, and coaching forms 

If you’re new to leading remote, remote coaching, or even call coaching altogether, you’ll leave with at least 10 ready-to-execute tactics to make a difference to your team!  Send this Registration Link to your entire sales management & leadership team

3. Friends of Factor 8 Training & Referral Program for People in Need

Our mission is to help companies laying off and those who are hiring by certifying and referring quickly-contributing people. It includes:  

  • Free virtual inside sales or sales management training for displaced workers
  • Certification upon demonstration of skills 
  • Collection of skill demonstrations + resumes
  • Referrals to companies hiring 
  • No charge

If you are hiring now or will be in the coming months, click here so we can send you people we’ve certified as ready BDR, AE, Account Managers or Front-line Managers.  (This is also great for field sellers and college students entering inside sales).

BONUS PROGRAM: If you want to develop your reps and managers but have lost your budget and/or your training room, we’re offering discounted AND delayed payment options to The Sales Bar.  Interactive self-pace and live virtual training sessions for BDR’s, Account Executives, Account Managers AND front-line Managers. Contact ted@factor 8.com to learn more about how we can help you get started right now.

I hope you find one or all of these valuable.  My team is working hard to make our virtual offerings even better and help ensure all of us are performing at our best right now. NOW is the time to be engaging and developing our teams and we’re here to help you do it despite the challenges we face. 

As always, we’re proud to be part of your success, your challenges, your companies, and your lives.  Thank you for being a Friend of Factor 8.


Founder & President

Factor 8

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