Join Us At AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2018

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Leadership Summit 2018

We’ve been friends for a while now, right? Chances are I’ve talked to you about AA-ISP Leadership Summit before. It’s my #1 recommendation for anyone who is a Senior Manager of Sales, Director of Business Development, VP of Digital Sales.

You see, I never went back to Cedar Rapids, IA for my high school reunion. (No kidding, I’m a “Cougar” class of 92!). But I have gone to the Leadership Summit for the past 5 years and it’s become my own sort of reunion. Each year I can’t wait to see Larry ReevesKelly Molander, Kyle Porter, Steve Richard, Lori Richardson, and other familiar faces and names who have shaped our industry.

And of course, we come home with about 50 new friends. Some will become clients. Some will become our vendors. Many will come to us for advice or help seeking a new leader or a new job. I can’t wait to see who comes into my life this year. After all, it’s where I got to meet Dave Brown, Amy Appleyard, and Michelle Fidler! These folks have shaped my business and become personal friends. I’d fly anywhere to do business with or help these people.

And that’s what this conference is about. Here’s what I guarantee you’ll get if you come:

  1. One hell of a strong network. I’m calling out these people by name, this ISN’T your typical conference you guys, AA-ISP is a family and everyone’s invited. Think of it this way: if Dreamforce is Hollywood, Leadership Summit is Nashville. Get me?
  2. Working knowledge of what’s new and what is coming in the industry. What should you be looking at to get ahead? To impress the CEO? To stay current?
  3. At least five best practices you can use to benchmark your own teams at home.
  4. A desire to buy at least three new tools or training programs.
  5. The feeling that you’ve found your tribe. It’s like flying to an island to find out that there IS a place they speak just your language. If you’re running inside or digital sales in a sea of field
    sellers or customer service or success teams, you’ve earned this. You need this.
  6. Five new buzz words to update your conference call bingo card.
  7. New thought leaders to follow, new ideas to try, and about an MBA’s worth of personal development.
  8. An awesome hangover.

Discount Code and After Party

If you’re reading this blog, you’re officially a Friend of Factor 8 (or my mom, Hi Mom!) and you qualify for our $200 discount and a pass to our invite-only happy hour. Register here and use Factor8Summit to get $200 off. Then email us at to tell us you are coming so you get an invite to our 2018 After Party. Seriously we had to turn people away last year – you gotta email us!

Can’t wait to see you there.


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