Your Hunters


It’s time for net new revenue. Your acquisition team hunts market share using internal leads, external lists or re-activating stagnant accounts. And as well as marketing has done, no one is expecting your call and you probably have some inaccurate contact information. This is as close as it gets today to a true cold call.

If your reps are struggling, you’re probably seeing them:

  • Cherry picking the low hanging fruit
  • Tossing leads with bad data
  • Quickly burning out
  • Calling accounts conveniently vs. strategically
  • Going through the motions vs. setting their territory on fire

You need Sales Executives who:

  • Attack their books strategically
  • Hunt down the opportunity
  • Uncover new buyers
  • Have business conversations vs. spew features
  • Move opportunities through the pipeline

“Factor 8’s sales program was an integral part of moving our new sales agents from 50% to goal to well over 150% to goal. Even tenured field reps wanted the training.”

Hugh Jones, VP Call Center Operations, Oakwood Worldwide


Level 1 – PLAY TO WIN


  • A call-by-call plan to acquire new business
  • Capture new decision makers
  • Qualify leads to create a smart plan of attack
  • Introductions to get them leaning in
  • Double the messages you get returned
  • Quickly build rapport
  • Perfect your value prop for phone sales delivery


  • Spikes in call activity
  • New contacts
  • Full top of funnel
  • Higher lead ROI

Level 2 – GET ‘EM HOOKED


  • Overcome the brush off
  • Get customers to engage
  • Align your solutions to customers
  • Uncover opportunity
  • Expert listening & conversations


  • Longer productive talk time
  • More quotes sent
  • Faster pipeline velocity



  • Business acumen
  • Uncover needs for your differentiators
  • Use stories to sell
  • Uncover customer hot buttons & values
  • Propose solutions & closing
  • Overcome objections


  • Higher close rate
  • Higher average order size
  • Increased revenue

“Your training is different because I go right to my desk and immediately use it and see the results.”

Rebekah K, Account Executive

Increase in quota attainment one month post training

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