Better Call Coaching For Your Team

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Got a beef with call coaching?  Let me guess, “How can I get my sales managers to do more coaching?”  maybe, “Call coaching isn’t getting the results I need.”

Frankly, I have yet to meet a sales leader (correction: an honest one) who is thrilled with the coaching that’s happening on their floors.  And let’s be even more honest, do we really set up our sales managers for success in this arena?  Most are managing more than 12 people, running custom reports, talking to customers, and attending all of the meetings we send out. (Who, me!?  True story, just put someone in charge of sales and then LITERALLY filled up his calendar.  Doh!).

Enter outsourced call coaching.  We call it Coaching As A Service.  A client asked us to develop it.  We did.  It worked.  More clients tried it.  They loved it.  Now, it’s available to you.  Check out the video for some interesting stats on why to use it an what it is.  In the meantime, here’s what you really want to know:

Q: Who provides the coaching?  

A: An inside sales expert from my team

Q: How often?  

A: Once or twice a month – your call

Q: For how long?  

A: 6 or 12 months, what do you need?

Q: Is it weird for the rep?

A: Nope. Think of us like your golf coach.

Q: Who on my team should get this?  

A: I suggest top reps and B reps.  They can get the most from an expert, and your manager is probably already on the newbies and low performers.

Q: How do you get calls?  

A: We ride along live or use call recordings.  We have a recording/sharing solution if you don’t.

Q: How have other leaders used this?  

A: 1) Give me feedback – will this rep make it?  2) Have my manager shadow and learn how to coach. 3) This guy could be a star; get him there.  4) Help me get her up or out. You have 6 months.

Q: What else?  

A: We grade the calls, fix the messaging, provide scoring, give reporting and feedback to you.

Q: How much?  

A: $750 – 1900 / month / rep (we’ll quote exactly when we know the average call length, rep level, number of sessions).

Did you know that the Sales Executive Council recently reported that the number one worst skill for sales management is call coaching? But, Aberdeen and the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals report year after year that the number one reason people leave is a lack of development. Folks, your reps are craving coaching. So help your managers and show your managers how it’s done with Coaching As A Service. Reach out to John Healy at to get started.


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