Factor 8 Is Hiring Inside Sales Trainers!

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Factor 8 is hiring bad-ass sales coaches!  If helping reps improve is your favorite part of the job, you love to train and call coach, and you agree that inside sales is harder than field sales…read on!

For the first time in ten years, Factor 8 is offering a chance to join our amazing team of high-energy, expert Inside Sales Advisors and Trainers as full-time trainer employees or contractors.  Seriously, this is big.  Here’s why:

Factor 8 Advisors and Trainers basically run their own business.  That means work from home, manage your own clients, never go to another meeting about a meeting or wade through endless spreadsheets instead of coaching your team.  You’re accountable and get rewarded for the results you get and with clients who really, REALLY want your help.  

Our current team of Advisors are Inside Sales experts with backgrounds of  15 or more years at the Director or VP level. Now we’re looking for people to build our killer delivery team.  These trainers and coaches will have at least five years of experience making inside sales calls and managing sales teams.  And they’ll get to spend all their time doing what they are passionate about – developing people.  Why Factor 8?  We’re a tight-knit, high-performing team known for a few things.  If these speak to you, maybe you belong with us:

  1. No BS.  Our clients and friends know that we give real advice, solve real problems, and get real (BIG) results with our training.  We tell it like it is and we dig in and help fix it.  Big consultancies worry more about billable hours and the price of your suit.  I prefer tennis shoes.
  2. GET ON THE PHONES!  If you’ve said this to a group of reps, you get us.  We printed T-shirts that say it.  Why?  Because our training actually gets reps on the phones live during training raking in the results and money while in the workshop.  That means our trainers have to be ready to live-coach messaging and delivery.  Love the energy?  Love the challenge?  You’re our people.
  3. Opportunity. For ten years we’ve built our business solely on referrals and repeat business, but now we’re investing in sales and marketing — and we can’t handle the growth!   We restructured the company so we could pull the best talent out of corporate America, and this is a chance to get in on the ground floor.  We’ll double in a few years.  Shoot, it sounds like multi-level marketing!  It’s not. Just a fast-growing company NOT dependent on angel investors or a product gamble.
  4. We’re awesome.  Surround yourself with people we’ve hand-picked as Inside Sales Rock Stars.  Learn.  Contribute.  Be proud of your team.  We’re family owned and operated.  (But cooler than your actual family.  We drink beer at team meetings).

OK that’s us.  Still interested? Let’s talk about you.  Here’s what we need:

  1. You have at least 5 years of experience making inside sales calls and / or coaching reps.  Not field sales you guys, not customer service.  BDR/SDR teams, Acquisition reps, Account Managers, ISE’s Customer Success.  Inbound or Outbound is good, but we want 85% of your experience to be B2B.  If you were a rep and now you’ve been a manager for a few years but you hate feeling like a glorified babysitter and report generator…it might be a fit!
  2. You have at least two years of experience coaching inside sales calls or training inside sales reps (sales training and coaching you guys.  Systems and product don’t count, being the “guy” that people shadow doesn’t equal training).
  3. You’re ready to put on a live demo showing us that you’re money in the classroom (film it from your phone training your pets or your kids stuffed animals if you need to).
  4. You have quiet space to work from home where you can take and make professional calls.
  5. You’re cool with travel.  Man I wish all my clients were here in Phoenix, but no such luck.  That means you keep the points and miles, but it also means that you’re away from home 50-70% of work days.  The good news is that you’re home for weekends (there’s a Sunday flight out every once in awhile) and when you’re home, you don’t lose 3 hours a day getting ready and commuting.  You make your schedule and we hope that includes doing school drop-off, coaching little league or making your yoga class.  If all of this is good news for you.  Lean in my friend.
  6. You’ll make more money and be paid for performance.  We’ve targeted compensation to make sure that year one makes more than most sales coaches and trainers do today, and year two makes more than performing sales managers.  If you’re a top-performing rep or Sales Director, you won’t come over equal, but we hope you earn the same in years 3+ (while cutting out the yucky parts of your job and working from home!).  

As a Factor 8 Sales Trainer, you’ll be charged with the delivery side of our training business.  That includes:

  1. Virtually meeting clients during the sales process
  2. Performing onsite and remote training needs analysis to determine the right training workshops, customization, and add-on solutions to be sure we get big results.  This includes analyzing data, listening to lots of calls, and conducting interviews.
  3. Tailoring course materials to ensure we’re teaching reps how to sell their products to their customers in their industry.
  4. Managing training logistics.
  5. Delivering our award-winning classroom workshops – classroom, role play, high-energy games and competitions, live selling time on the floor, real-time and recorded call coaching on messaging and delivery.
  6. Training Sales Managers how to keep new Factor 8 skills alive.
  7. Awarding Factor 8 certifications to reps who prove application with skills.
  8. Conducting follow-up calls with Managers to ensure accountability and stickiness.
  9. Participating in client follow up calls to deliver results, check for satisfaction, collect case studies, and determine next steps.
  10. Collecting and reporting results to your Engagement Manager and Sales Lead

This all starts with a train-the-trainer where we certify you to deliver Factor 8 workshops + multiple “ride alongs” for your first few jobs.  Over time you’ll be coached to higher levels of performance, certify on more workshops, and take over more earning-potential roles like Engagement Manager and sales.

Expected salary ranges from $55-75k with the potential to earn $100k after your first year. 

Our interview process takes 3-4 weeks. Please be patient and bear with us.  It’s so important that we thoroughly interview each other in this process and that we see you can follow the instructions and are serious enough about this that you’ll put in the time.   We expect to make offers by the end of Q3 and start training in Q4.  

Ready to check it out (confidentially)?  Here’s what to do:

Send an email to kaylee@factor8.com that includes:

  1. Your resume
  2. A link to your LinkedIn profile
  3. A confirmation sent to kaylee@factor8.com that you have complete the questionnaire found here.

After this will come a qualification call with me (I’m LB, the Founder and President), a training demo, a coaching demo, Q&A with an Advisor, and a group interview.  We shouldn’t require blood samples and promises of your first born until somewhere near the end of the process…

Excited?  Lean in!  I can’t wait to meet you.


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