Factor 8 Tribe Sales Leader Spotlight – Dharmesh Shah

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We met Dharmesh in 2015 when he was the Director of Inside Sales at mindSHIFT looking for help with client messaging for his team. From there, he took a role as the Vice President of Inside Sales at EarthLink, where he brought Factor 8 in to provide training for his Retain & Develop team. The workshop focused on leading with value for the client, and understanding how to effectively position EarthLink’s unique differentiators to uncover selling opportunities. Now, as the Vice President of Inside Sales for Vonage, Dharmesh leads a team of over 200 inside sellers and is once again looking to partner with Factor 8 to position his team to scale.

Dharmesh understands the importance of developing his people at all levels. He is always evaluating tools, technology and new information to make his team more effective but recognizes that without foundational skills and coaching, a sales team cannot be effective.
What one thing should new sales leaders focus on first to maximize the ROI of their own development?

Understand what ‘great’ looks like for your career trajectory and make sure your company is willing to invest to get you and your team to that level.
Toughest lesson to learn?

Technology and automation will not solve for bad data, bad messaging, bad processes and sub-par intelligence level of your reps. A small leak can sink your boat, so don’t ignore the basics before layering on ‘cool’ tech.
Biggest change you had to make to hit Leadership level?

Learn to think from the perspective of your bosses’ boss. Fighting fires is not important to everyone – that’s the floor. Manage your ‘box’ in the context of company goals – align and support them.
Dealer’s choice. Anything you want to share?

Patience is a virtue, but as a leader you’ll get nothing done if you don’t learn to communicate effectively with those that are hindering your progress. Use data, make a case and figure out how to frame it as a priority.

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