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Upcoming Workshops

While you’re here, check out our upcoming free 30-minute training workshops below!

How to Get More Sales Referrals

Tuesday, July 13th @ 1 pm ET

Have history in your accounts? Maybe even relationships? We’ll teach you how to leverage past success straight into your next win—an order, a partnership, or a referral.

Referral business closes faster, stays longer, and spends more. This workshop will give you the framework and the confidence to get more!


4 Easy Steps for Handling Objections

Tuesday, August 24th @ 1 pm ET

Objections are an inevitable part of every sales process. The key is to welcome them as a roadmap to the close (rather than a roadblock).

In this session, we’ll teach a four-step process to use with any objection to reduce defensiveness, dig into the questions behind the objection, answer it and close.

How to Run a Great Discovery Call

Wednesday, September 22nd @ 1 pm ET

Lack of discovery is one of the most common sales sins. Ready to arm yourself with the knowledge on how to ask more (and better) questions during a discovery call?

In this session, you’ll learn how to transition open and closed questions into techniques, as well as how to turn scripts into conversations. You’ll come out of this workshop with five standard questions to uncover the need for your solution on every call.