Join #GirlsClub Gen 4: A Program for Rising Female Sales Leaders

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Get to know #GirlsClub (Yup, For Guys Too!)

If you’ve seen me speak in the past three years, you’ve probably caught the addition of a new company to the Factor 8 umbrella: #GirlsClub. It was right after we started The Sales Bar. (Please, someone stop me!)

As a female in sales leadership, I’ve never minded being one of the guys. Like, the only one of me and the rest guys. Upside: I always bring home the golf trophies with skirts on them. Downside: I didn’t really find my own style and confidence as a leader until much later in my career. When I found female role models and mentors, I was shocked at how I and my business grew. Enter the club.

What is it?

#GirlsClub is a 6-month female sales leadership training certification program that produces high-performing sales managers. If you’ve participated in a Factor 8 management certification at your company, it’s similar.  

We use 6 of our favorite Factor 8 Management courses – tackling a new course each month, including The Sales Bar, live classes, and activities back on the job. The addition (if you’ve done this training with us already) is the input from 50 different companies in our discussions. SO many new ideas added to each class.

Then we layer in 3 more key components: 

  1. Confidence building. This is why I think there aren’t more women in sales leadership. We wait to be asked or until we feel 110% ready to do the job. Less perfectionism and more risk-taking are the themes here.
  2. Community. Every “Protégé” gets a Mentor – sometimes two. Mentors spend 1-3 hours/month with their ladies. Safe space to work through career challenges, work issues, and stuff you can’t talk about with your boss. Gentlemen, here’s where you can get involved! Mentors get all program components at no charge and tell us they get as much out of the program as the Protégés. We also bring in role models as speakers and in our intimate interviews called “Wine Down Wednesdays.”
  3. Spotlight. It’s as bright as you want it in #GirlsClub and we have a challenge for every level. From social posting to public webinar speaking, we help women gain an audience and find their voice. We’re proud to have many of our women featured in top lists, as conference speakers, and guest bloggers. We also promote the internal spotlight by encouraging women to work on their activities with internal leadership – interviews, skip-level meetings, shadowing, etc. Sometimes all we need is a chance.
Why #GirlsClub?

Because I got sick of talking about it. I can’t count the panels dedicated to the question, “Why aren’t there more women in sales leadership?” So I decided to solve it instead. Less than 10% of sales leaders are women, but tons of studies tell us that women are super effective at all levels of our industry. 

Who’s it right for?

Each year about half our cohort are aspiring managers – BDR, AE, Account Managers, Team Leads, etc. The other half are existing leaders looking for more training, support, and community. We’ve had VPs Directors and Managers. We’re primarily virtual sales-focused, but we also cater to marketing managers, training managers, sales operations managers – any sales adjacent career. Only our management training is laser sales-focused, but every concept applies to lead any team!

How can I get involved?

There are five ways to get involved. Which are you?

Protégés: Applications to be a Protégé are open October 15th, 2021 – March 15th, 2022. 

Mentors: We’ll need more Mentors this year, please hit this link to volunteer! (It’s also an application, mostly to help us make great matches). Any sales leader with 5+ years of experience is welcome to become a Mentor!

Advocates: Find a woman in your company and go encourage her. You’ll get the program for free and you’ll change a life. Send her to an info session and attend too! Advocates must fill out this recommendation before their Protégé is approved to join the program.

Thought Leaders: If you are a woman in a sales-related career with initials in your title, you can inspire for as little as one hour/year. (Fill out the contact form here or email to become a Thought Leader)

Sponsors: Companies sponsor #GirlsClub for a few key reasons (starting at $3K and up). Men and women! (Learn more about sponsoring here.)

  1. Branding. Our following is big and our people are engaged.
  2. Recruiting. There are a LOT of super-performers coming to us whose companies won’t pay to develop them. They’ll apply for YOUR scholarships and voila! You have one hell of a funnel.
  3. Lead generation. We have some of the biggest, fastest-growing, and coolest logos in our club with sales managers, directors, and VPs. 
  4. Love of the game. Gong has been a sponsor of #GirlsClub for 3 years. Be clear, they don’t need our leads. They support diversity and inclusion internally AND externally.
  5. Training/bench-building. We’re a low-cost and effective management bench builder. Sponsors get more seats!

Ready to get started?


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