Most training on the market today addresses a narrow window of selling: what to do when you’re face to face with the Decision Maker. So how often do your reps get to do that? They need help finding that Decision Maker, getting him on the phone, and keeping him engaged. Not to mention voicemails, emails, and closing for the next call. Don't do sales theory, let's train them together on how to do their job.

Live calling and coaching DURING training. BOOM!

award winning inside sales training

What can we say? We’re a little bit proud! We strive to be the best but the real reward is when our clients and peers think we're the best.

Our Awards

Award Winning Training
There’s winning awards and then there’s winning awards because our clients and peers think we're the frosting to their cake. The American Association of Inside Sales selects its winners through peer feedback and nominations and it’s why we’re proud to to be recognized by this organization as a leader in our industry for 4 consecutive years.

2016 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

2016 Service Provider of the Year: People Development

2015 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

2015 AA-ISP Leadership Development Provider of the Year Award

2014 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

2013 AA-ISP Spirit Award

2013 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

professional inside sales training

Do you need help justifying the budget? Studies prove that organizations who employ professional training programs outperform their counterparts who do not. 

Read third-party statistics.

Why Invest in Training?

Numbers don't lie. Study after study shows that reps who are given high-quality, professional training outrank those who do not in quota attainment, ramp time, and attrition. 

  • 85% of sales teams that rank best-in-class use a professional sales curriculum. - Aberdeen
  • High-quality training for new hires can cut their time to quota by 50%. - Training Magazine
  • 83% of best-in-class companies consider in-person instructor led training most effective. - Aberdeen
  • Total team attainment of sales quota is 11% higher among companies providing real-time, deal-specific rep coaching. - Aberdeen (that’s why we do real-time coaching and why we ALWAYS provide corresponding manager training!)

sales training investment

You didn't learn to ride a bike by reading a book, right? Phone selling is a hands-on sport; we train it like one.

See what's included in every Factor 8 Workshop.

Every Factor 8 Workshop includes:

  1. LIVE selling + expert coaching during training.  You’ll see immediate results!
  2. We customized our materials so your team learns to sell YOUR services to YOUR customers (not sales theories that are hard to apply).
  3. We use sample call recordings in each class so class participants can hear the skill / skill gap and analyze the customer reaction.
  4. A corresponding Management course is given on how to recognize, coach, and grow new Rep skills.
  5. We have a fifteen-year veteran at the helm.  We’ve made the calls, coached the Rep, and have been the Leader.  We got this.


SDR BDR inside sales training programs


You want twice as many leads in the pipeline, right? Equip your Business Development reps with the skills and coaching they need to DOUBLE their talk time and conversion rates.


Factor 8 BDR/SDR Inside Sales Training Workshop

By the end of the workshop (and during!) attendees will be able to:

  1. Deliver an introduction that immediately engages buyers
  2. Leave a voicemail & email that gets returned
  3. Get the decision maker talking right away on calls
  4. Overcome an early brush-off
  5. Conversationally qualify a contact
  6. Capture net new buying and influencing contacts
  7. Create a smarter plan of attack for leads
  8. Uncover opportunity on a call
  9. Ask questions that uncover the need for your differentiators
  10. Discover a contact’s value
  11. Use value to propose a next step
  12. Seamlessly and confidently transition to the close
  13. Overcome objections
  14. Keep the sale moving forward


Cross/Up Sell

You just want revenue growth, right? We give your team of cross-sellers and up-sellers the sales acumen they need to capture and keep the attention of your current buyers.


Factor 8 Cross Sell/Upsell Inside Sales Training Curriculum

By the end of the workshop (and during!) attendees will be able to:

  1. Explain the roles & Goals of Install base sales
  2. Confidently introduce themselves and their value to new buyers
  3. Push past the early call “brush-off”
  4. Explain three techniques to get customers engaged
  5. Ask questions to uncover customer needs
  6. Align products and services to customer situations
  7. Gain new buyer referrals
  8. Leave messages that get returned
  9. Uncover new buyers by leveraging gatekeepers
  10. Quickly qualify and categorize accounts on potential
  11. List five business drivers that are key to your decision makers and how to leverage these to sell
  12. Have business challenges conversations
  13. Educate & tell stories to show customer value
  14. Ask for commitments on to move the sale forward
  15. Create strategic plans of attack for each call, each account, the territory, and each selling day
  16. Explain how to close deals step by step
  17. Get customers raving about their current experience
  18. Convert unhappy customers back into raving fans
  19. Have the customer wallet share conversation
  20. Overcome objections
  21. Overcome top competitors


customized sales training programs


You invested to get the leads, now can your team convert? Leads are clues, not foregone conclusions. Help your AE’s and Closers to strategically uncover opportunity and revenue growth.


Factor 8 Account Executive & Closers Inside Sales Training Workshop

By the end of the workshop (and during!) attendees will be able to:

  1. List specific examples of what sales reps do on calls that kills customer engagement
  2. Demonstrate three techniques to quickly get customers leaning in and engaged in the sales process
  3. Describe what customers are really looking for in vendor partners
  4. List five business drivers that are key to your decision makers and how you can help demonstrate and/or calculate these (e.g. ROI)
  5. Give examples of what customers value and how your product / service can fulfill that need
  6. Explain how to approach calls differently to make the customer feel more valued and thereby more engaged in the sales process write best practice SWIIFT
  7. Introductions that immediately capture a decision maker’s attention so they stay on the call
  8. Demonstrate the ability to get a decision maker talking in the first 30 seconds of a call
  9. List five questions you’ll ask on every sales call to better uncover specific needs and desires
  10. Confidently deliver value-based questions that uncover the decision maker’s drivers and what’s needed to close the deal
  11. Evaluate team calls to score customer engagement, true customer needs and values, and your and your team members’ ability to facilitate each


inbound sales training classes


You want your Inbound team to maximize every customer touch so we help you build confident Super Reps that know how to enhance your brand and create killer customer experiences. Bottom line? Increased revenue.


Factor 8 INBOUND Inside Sales Training Curriculum

By the end of the workshop (and during!) attendees will be able to:

  1. Consultative selling vs. your role today
  2. Call openings that build confidence and engagement
  3. Gaining customer trust and call control
  4. Qualifying customer needs
  5. Delivering positive branding & experience
  6. Setting customer expectations
  7. The 4 questions that determine your recommendation
  8. Uncovering stated and unstated needs
  9. Discover customer values and drivers
  10. Match customer situations to product / service solutions
  11. Quickly building customer rapport
  12. Educating customers on solutions and value
  13. Wrapping the product in a full solution
  14. Confidently delivering solution proposals & closes
  15. Close for a commitment on every call
  16. Overcoming customer objections


acquisition inside sales training class


These guys are likely working from lists with little to no buying history; a true cold call. Your team needs to know how to have business conversations that capture net new revenue and move opportunities through the pipeline.


Factor 8 Acquisition Inside Sales Training Workshop

By the end of the workshop (and during!) attendees will be able to:

  1. Treat leads as clues and hunt down new departments and buyers
  2. Qualify and categorize an account’s potential in one call
  3. Deliver an introduction that immediately engages buyers
  4. Leave a voicemail & email that gets returned
  5. Get the decision maker talking right away on calls
  6. Overcome an early brush-off
  7. Deliver a FAST and engaging value prop that entices buyers
  8. Explain five things that are important to the buyer’s business
  9. Display advanced listening and communication skills
  10. Ask smart questions to uncover needs
  11. Discover the value a buyer needs to see to buy
  12. Match your products or services to buyer situations
  13. Explain the multiple touch points required to close a deal
  14. Propose your solutions in a way that add value to the buyer
  15. Share stories that engage customers and further the sale
  16. Overcome your most common objections
  17. Get a commitment from the buyer on every call.


account management sales training


These guys are the heart and soul of your business. We take them from being basic order takers to learning how to be account strategist. Challenge them with retention, revenue, penetration, profitability and growth goals.


Factor 8 Account Management Inside Sales Training Workshop

By the end of the workshop (and during!) attendees will be able to:

  1. Define a truly strategic Account Manager
  2. List specific retention and growth goals for their accounts
  3. Explain what’s most important to their customers
  4. Get customers raving about their current experience
  5. Confidently ask for a new category order
  6. Gain referrals from current customers
  7. Confidently introduce themselves and their value to new buyers
  8. Uncover new buyers by leveraging gatekeepers
  9. Engage customers in strategic business & wallet share discussions
  10. Quickly qualify accounts based on growth potential
  11. Create a smarter plan of attack for their book and their day to maximize new revenue
  12. Create a two-minute plan before each call
  13. Create a step-by-step strategy to grow new business
  14. Uncover every last opportunity in an account
  15. Close with value
  16. Overcome objections
  17. Convert upset customers
  18. Create, manage, and better maintain their pipeline


Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us to build a custom curriculum.


08/09/16: Insightful Training! Regina's level of preparedness and her ability to switch gears to suit our individual business needs was incredible. Her Factor 8 training has given me a better focus with each call I make and an efficiency that I didn't have before. I would definitely recommend that anyone who works as a consultant/inside sales person learns these techniques to improve your results.

Meredith Frauzel


05/25/16: The textbook definition of a 'Game Changer'. Kathleen Liles did a perfect job of coaching and instilling techniques into our day to day routines. I, and well as everyone on my team, saw a significant impact in our performance and results only 1 day later. She related the techniques to our business model as well as basic human psychology perfectly, making us learn how to converse with people in a way that we would have otherwise not discovered ourselves. A literal game changer!



06/03/16: The training was not only extremely helpful, but also provided us with more confidence on the phone. I know I speak for the team when I say there is a new excitement for cold calling. Thank you Kathleen for helping us take control of our calls and tweak our value questions. This training was truly valuable! 



04/12/16: Great way to jumpstart sales success. John and Factor 8 are unlike any sales training I have every had. John did a great job keeping the class interactive as well as providing real time feedback on actual sales calls. Wish i would have found them years ago. 


1 EDI Source

03/30/16: Above and Beyond. Just terrific at providing content, data and other advice for a growing business like ours. I really don't know where we would be today without their help and guidance. Truly outstanding in every way. 

Kevin Sullivan

Del Mar Fans

01/25/16: Factor 8 - best training ever. The sales training with Lauren was simply awesome! I learned how to sell value better. Lauren explained us what to say and WHEN to say it, which was very important for me in order to improve my selling skills. In addition, the whole training process was led in a very interactive way. I am using the newly acquired skills on an everyday basis and thanks to Lauren I like my job even better now as I can see the results. Many thanks!


Achilles Information, Ltd.

85% of Sales Teams that rank as best-in-class use a professional sales training curriculum.

Aberdeen Group

World-class sales organizations spend approximately $1500 per Rep on training annually.

Training Magazine

The number one challenge in Inside Sales is "Lack of Development".

American Association of Inside Sales Professionals

50% of Sales Reps today have to be retrained or removed.

Joint study by CEB and Bain & Company

83% of Best in Class companies consider in-person instructor led training most effective.

Aberdeen Group



cas-case-study-statConnect and Sell's outsourced team of SDS reps were struggling to engage Decision Makers. They were closing appointments at an average of 3%. Factor 8 was brought in to provide 2 days of onsite training and 3 months of remote coaching.

With a curriculum customized to address Connect and Sell’s specific problem areas along with its corresponding Manager curriculum, reps were quickly armed with the necessary skills to engage Decision Makers, keep them on the phone and close more appointments and Managers were taught how to recognize these skills and coach to them.

Within one week of the onsite training, Connect and Sell’s SDS agents’ close rates spiked to 9% and in the weeks following they maintained a 6% close rate. Now as a Factor 8 fan, Connect and Sell resells Factor 8 curriculum and services to their clients to be used in conjunction with their appointment-setting technology. Today, they continue to implement Factor 8 training for new reps and managers.

ingram-micro-case-study-staIngram Micro’s arm of wholesale distributor of consumer electronics and accessories, DBL Distributing, had a team of Reps that was averaging approximately 70% to quota with negative growth. When partnering with Factor 8, it became evident that Reps needed to transition from being “order takers” to acting as consultants to grow the business.

Factor 8 provided a multi-stage training, manager coaching, and incentive program to implement changes in the culture, behaviors and habits of long-tenured Reps to transition them from inbound order takers to outbound Account Executives.

The Reps embraced the training and the results were phenomenal. $200M in new category pipeline was uncovered during training and the floor finished over %120 to goal for the year with record growth.

Oakwood Worldwide’s team of Inbound Account Coordinators were struggling with both the quantity and quality of leads being passed to the closing Sales ISE team. Less than 60% of the team was hitting hitting quality goals, many were bogged down with “tire kickers”, and a case majority were failing to truly engage the customer in the sales process.

Factor 8 provided a tailored a set of training modules to address the upfront interaction with the customer. Reps were helped to focus on engaging the customer in the conversations instead of checklists, quickly qualifying and selling Oakwood properties with sizzle.

With the training given to Oakwood Reps, lead quality scores spiked to 92%, quantity grew by 18% (including a rise in “hot handoffs” – customers immediately ready to close), and the team met or exceeded all sales goals the following month and for the next 12 months following training.

ssi-case-study-statTotal Defense, an internet security company, along with renewal partner, Service Source, recognized that Reps were lacking product knowledge and value-selling skills. Additionally, they struggled with overcoming objections and competition, and were “cherry picking” leads.

Factor 8 was asked to partner with Service Source to build product knowledge and provide sales training. As part of the Needs Analysis, Factor 8 also identified gaps in handling upset customers, sales process, and working with channel partners. A  whole solution was provided by creating 15 customized rep training modules, 3 manager training modules, multiple training tools, and training to Reps and Managers over a three month timeframe.

As a result of the training, Reps regained their confidence and were now equipped to educate customers on total solutions and value and overcome objections. Service Source reported a one-quarter uplift from ~70% to goal to over 110% to goal. Now, the team that completed this training are the highest paid in the company and are referred to as the company’s “Seal Team Six”.   

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