Join Factor 8 at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit!

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Each year, in mid-April, hundreds of inside sales leaders cut the cords on their Y-jacks, hand off the pipeline meetings and come together to be with their peers.

Never been to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit?

It’s like landing in a new country populated entirely by YOUR PEOPLE. These folks speak your language, feel your pain and walk in your shoes.

These are my people, too, and these are my favorite three days of the year.

So if you’re new to the AA-ISP Leadership Summit, I’ll give you a tiny glimpse of how much you’ll love it.

For starters, it’s an absolutely critical investment of time and money for you if:

  1. Inside sales is relatively new to your organization
  2. You’re surrounded with field or channel reps and leaders most of the day
  3. It’s time to grow your inside sales team
  4. You’ve hit a flat line in growth/revenue

If you’re a VP of Sales, Chief Revenue Officer, or Sales Leader, I’m talking to you!

You’ll bring home new trends, great data, specific tools and tricks, five new technologies you want to buy and two new contacts whom you can call for advice.

Frankly, your CEO should require it.

On Day one (April 18 th ), I’ll be doing some trend-busting on stage. During my keynote address, “Where Should We Focus to Drive More Revenue?,” I hope to clear out some noise and help you determine which sales and marketing fads are just fads and which ones might help you drive incremental sales.

Plus, I’ll cover what “good, better, best” looks like and where to begin if your team is just getting started.

I promise you’ll walk away with at least three very tactical action items you can implement immediately (and I mean some that we’ve seen work to drive new sales).

And while you’re at it, check out Regina Manfredi’s session on April 20th called “Making Your Move to the Top.” She’ll show you how to get ahead in inside sales by making the next critical career transition.

Oh! Did I mention the Factor 8 party? If you’re already a “Friend of Factor 8” please stop by our booth (No. 8) and be sure to let us know you’re coming! There’s a killer T-shirt and an invite to the exclusive “after party” waiting for you!

And if we’re not friends yet, let’s fix that. You can find my awesome team (and me) at our booth (yep, No 8). We’ll have the hangover remedy station and a great place to sit down and get a foot massage. Seriously.

Sign up for the AA-ISP Leadership Summit

So, what are you waiting for?

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to register for the AA-ISP Leadership Summit, mark your calendar for April 18-20th and book that plane ticket to the Windy City.

And—serious bonus points for reading this far—you can save $200 off registration by using code Factor8200! Yep, we’re givers!

Reply in the comments below if I should put a “hold” on a Factor 8 T-shirt with your name on it.

Travel safe!


PS: AA-ISP is the global association for inside sales pros (it stands for American Association of Inside Sales Professionals). Sure, they have tons of inside sales events all year long, but the Leadership Summit is an absolute must-attend.

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