Just Say No To Scripts

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Sales leaders, lend me your attention on this please.  I know it’s logical to write a script.  You’ve built great messaging and you’ve hired young talent.  We don’t want them to F it up on the calls, right?  And yet I bet you would like to be getting better call results than you are now.  Your script could be the reason why.  Here is why I think scripts suck:

  1. You wrote it for your voice / personality.  No matter how much I practice, I won’t feel confident saying your words.
  2. Confidence is KING in sales (see point one).
  3. You are a big shot.  I am not.  A good friend is CEO of a sales enablement company and makes cold calls (you’re a stud, Chris).  So he gives his scrip to his SDR team and they fail.  Why?  Chris is a CEO.  His title and his swagger on the phone catch attention.  He can get away with saying stuff that mere mortals can’t. (This is also why Challenger selling is hard for new reps, BTW.)

So what’s the better solution?

Messaging suggestions + training / coaching

Of course you want to give them talking points!  Even steps to follow (e.g. 1. name, 2. reason for call, 3. value, 4. question).  Even a few sample scripts are helpful.  But then they MUST write their own script in their own words and practice it.  That’s where the training and coaching comes in.  We practice the scripts in class, steal good stuff from our friends, then go get on the phones and try them.  Next step?  Listen to those calls and coach (as a group!).  Did it work?  Did it sound natural?  Is there a better word or nuance for delivery that could help?

Doing it this way (dare I say the RIGHT way) will cost you about a half day / script (e.g. intro, closing, overcoming objections).  The ROI will be tremendous.  You should see your close % / win % increase at least 30% by helping reps find confidence in their own words.

Let’s do it you guys.  Let’s quit scripts together!  It’s like quitting smoking (Who? Me?) Pick a date and vow to rip them up.  Schedule your group training / coaching to happen a few days before and I promise you’ll be glad you did.

Need some help?  We’d be happy to oblige!  When we trained intros to Chris’ team of SDR’s their appointment close percentage TRIPLED during class and then leveled out to double over the next two months.  Check out our SDR training.

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