Introducing Friends of Factor 8 Training and Referral Program

Factor 8 is proud to announce that the Friends of Factor 8 Sales Training and Referral Program is open to sign up!

Were you laid off or do you know someone that has been? Do you know a company/executive that is hiring? Please read and share!

Factor 8 built this program to give all laid-off sales reps and managers FREE access to sales training AND introductions to companies that are hiring. No gimmick. No sales pitch. No one pays a dime.

Factor 8 is driving the movement to ensure displaced sellers find resources, connections, and employment while helping companies find qualified talent ready to make an immediate impact. 

If you are a potential candidate, you will receive:

  1. Role-specific training teaching on-the-job tactics to be successful in your new role via our interactive eLearning platform, The Sales Bar.
  2. Recommendations on how to incorporate your newly honed skills into the interview process (you’ll actually want to roleplay at the interview – what!?).
  3. A Friends of Factor 8 Training and Referral Program Certification you can use to help bolster your resume and profile.
  4. Access to fast-growing AND stable companies who are actively looking for talent like you!

If you are an executive that is hiring great talent, your recruiters will receive:

  1. A list of awesome people who have the skill, resilience, and grit to fight for your team on a daily basis.
  2. What more could you want? 🙂

We have all experienced adversity in our lives where we didn’t know how and, maybe, IF we would make it through. I have learned three things that are true about adverse experiences:

  1. You get through them.
  2. You learn something about yourself that you didn’t know.
  3. A positive outcome comes as a result!

Factor 8’s promise to you: we will play as large of a role as is humanly possible to help our peers cope with the challenges we all face today AND experience a positive outcome from an otherwise shitty situation!

Now let’s get training for the company you want, not the company you had!

Please click here to sign up!