The Ultimate Sales Script To Get A Buyer’s Attention

You may have heard us talk about our SWIIFTSM Intro before, and if you haven’t, it’s an acronym we use for our sales scripts that means — So What’s In It For Them? The idea behind the SWIIFTSM Intro  is to focus on the buyer and add value to your sales script so your prospects will stop typing their emails and start listening to you. 

Once you grab their attention, you can hit them with one of the most powerful parts of the SWIIFTSM Intro — and that’s a lever. A lever is a piece of information you have on the company, contact, industry, or history that says,

“Hey, this isn’t a cold call. I’m important and you practically already know me. Tune in!”

So, where do you start when creating the ultimate sales phone script? First things first, write an outline for what you plan to say.