The sales training took the standard sales cycle to another level. The University of Texas at San Antonio does not even teach as effective of a method to sell over a semester as you learn with factor 8 in 2 weeks.

christopher burge inside sales training

Christopher Burge

1/27/2015: I've been in sales management for most of my career. But, I've been in inside sales management for just 4 1/2 years. What a shift! After working in the inside environment for about four years, our company brought the factor8 folks into our large center. After careful evaluation of everyone from the associates to the VP, it was clear that we needed to make significant change...Once the realization set in that we needed to significantly change, the work was done quickly and efficiently for us. They worked at our speed which is a feat in its own! And, they trained sales leaders and associates with the same passion.

Shelley Cesar

9/11/207: I have been in sales before, and have taken several courses/seminars for sales training. NONE have been as complete and specific as the training from Factor 8 with Regina Manfredi. I am very pleased both with the content and delivery of this class and would recommend it for anyone in inside sales.

Richard Teran

1/27/2015: Spot-On Training! I've participated in literally hundreds of "sales trainings" over my 20+ year sales career. Factor 8 was by far the "best of the rest"! Steve did his homework, was impressively prepared and presented a customer-focused, customer-specialized training that I'm confident will play a huge part in our organization's continued success. Very well done!

Dean Townsend

1/04/2015: Highly valued resource for entire leadership team! Factor 8 initially helped me with a Benchmarking Assessment of my inside sales organization and identified several key areas for improvement and helped me to develop a roadmap for success. Subsequently, I've engaged them for sales training for both my inside and outside sales groups. They have seamlessly integrated with my teams and are well-versed in our goals and objectives and are actively helping us to achieve what we know is possible. They are a HIGHLY VALUED resource for my entire leadership team!

Amy Appleyard

1/27/2015: Attention to detail! Lauren and Steve took the time to learn and understand our business before any recommendations were given for improvement. This crucial, yet often overlooked step has been critical in terms of getting at the heart of where we can improve as an organization. The insight, knowledge and engagement has been well received and appreciated. Without question they have earned my highest recommendation!

Tom Lundeen

1/07/2015: Excellent Sales Training Content Provider. Factor 8 did an excellent job designing and delivering a custom sales management training curriculum for our organization! They inspected associated functions (i.e. recruiting, sales operations, etc.) to ensure their solution worked across the organization. The use of role play in the classroom was a strong tool to cement new concepts. Factor 8 is responsive, effective, competitively priced and most importantly, get the job done.

Karen Chiappetta

1/27/2015: Top Notch! We run a high velocity sales team at ConnectAndSell so small differences make a huge difference for us. Lauren came in and we literally doubled conversion rates from conversations to meetings overnight! I've never seen better training than what we had with Factor8. They did a great job of combining classroom time and then putting our team back on the phone to apply what they'd practiced in the classroom and because of this results were immediate! Lauren and Factor8 would come extremely highly recommended.

Jim Sexton

8/10/207: Regina Manfredi was fantastic! The provided approach was absolutely above and beyond any sales training I have ever had. I have had sales training from multiple fortune 500 companies and there is no comparison. If you want to boost performance, be ready to forget everything that you do in sales and call Factor 8.


3/28/2014: Kathleen's training set me up for success when entering in my role as an Inside Sales Representative. The training and real world application of those tips and skills made working with my customers more productive and inevitably more lucrative; both for the customer and me! Recently, I found myself working in a new area of the business and the skills I gained while enrolled in the Factor 8 training program with Kathleen were invaluable as I got to work with my new customers, essentially starting over. Leaning on those teachings and practices helped me perform and provide fantastic engagement that has led to me hitting my goals month after month.

Levi Bulgar

3/28/2014: Kathleen has the amazing ability to see strengths that you didn't realize you possessed. In working with Kathleen during sales training, she never ceased to amaze me. She is devoted to pulling nothing but your best from you and challenges you to go above and beyond. I can honestly say that Kathleen played a huge part in shaping the high performing seller that I am.

Thomas Engstrom

4/4/2014: Kathleen's training was phenomenal; words cannot even express our gratitude. The quality of our sales opportunities improved tremendously. This was reflected in our client's conversion rate which went from 19% to 35% surpassing the competitor's rate. The team had a paradigm shift and their skills were developed and sharpened. The training did not only develop them in their sales performance but also in their professional performance. It was truly amazing and I would recommend Factor 8 for anyone who is expecting high results from their sales team.

Tonya King

10/29/2014: Great training with solid results. Factor8 did a fantastic job working with our calling teams. On two occasions we relied on them to help turn teams around and start creating higher quality leads. Factor8 custom tailored their work to the audience to make it both effective AND fun. They were a great contributor to our marketing success.

Anthony Carter

11/5/2014: During a critical time when our sales organization was experiencing rapid change in both leadership and culture, Factor 8 did an outstanding job of learning the intricacies of our company, partnering with all levels, and ultimately providing strategic recommendations that were precisely aligned with our corporate strategy...Their wealth of experience was evident beyond their recommendations. It was reinforced by the training curriculum they later developed and delivered with excellence, and the attentive follow-up motion that is still occurring months later. Factor 8 is more than consulting, they are a true extension of a team that brings practical and aligned solutions to sales organizations.

Andrea Musailowski

11/12/2014: Hands down the best inside sales training. Lauren and crew do a wonderful job at learning your business and helping to expand on what's working. I have been through many sales training and no one can touch Lauren's knowledge and techniques...5 stars!!

Mike Gatto

11/20/2014: Absolutely impressive, effective, and impactful are but a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the work that Factor 8 has done with our company. As a medium sized, high growth company with a unique culture, finding the right "fit" for a training and consulting partner was no small endeavor. However, Lauren Bailey and Steve Sharr have a unique approach that fits us so well. They truly get us! And in doing so, the have quickly earned credibility with our entire sales organization from the first line management teams all the way to the CEO. Their customized approach always makes us feel like we are their only client, (even though we know that is not the case.) Lauren's presentation style is direct and energetic and people love her! Steve's ability to provide spot on analysis has helped our company see trends that we never saw before. Our relationship over the past year with them has had a huge impact on our business and how we run it.

Laura Tasker

1/27/2015: I have had the pleasure to work with the Factor 8 group since June of 2014 when I took on my first management role within FleetMatics. Through Lauren's guidance, I quickly learned best practices when it came to leading coaching sessions, performance 1 on 1's, pipeline meetings, and strategy meetings. Factor 8 also provided training on how to properly forecast which has proved priceless in a publicly held company. They have always been accessible when a random question needs answering or advice needs to be given. As I am newer manager, their guidance has definitely helped tremendously!

Rachel Aleliunas

12/12/2014: Excellent Training Program! We've had many other Sales Training programs over the years but nothing has compared to the Factor 8 program. Our reps have been able to embrace and implement the new sales tools Factor 8 has provided to our sales force. In addition to helping with ours sales reps performance they have been able to help implement new tools and strategies for our management team thus helping us to be better coaches and managers. With their help we have been able to take our sales group to the next level.

Laura Maier

1/29/2015: Factor 8 Provided Much Needed Insight. Lauren Bailey and Steve Sharr from Factor 8 have provided valuable insight for our company. Their experience in working with high - growth run and gun organizations by harnessing that energy and re-channeling it into activities that are most productive and conducive to achieving our goals. Lauren is truly a valuable asset and resource for us.

Dan Murphy

3/26/2015: Wide Open Possibilities with Wide Net. To say this was a great experience and a lifelong sales advantage is putting it lightly. As a new manager Factor 8 has giving me a new technique and exciting way to work with my associates. Thanks for bringing a new energy to our team.

Judi Casper

3/26/2015: Interactive. They just don't tell you about it. You put new information into action right away and get valuable feedback almost instantly.

Glen Lancaster

3/26/2015: AWESOME!!!! SALES CLOSING!! As an Inside ASM, I was extremely impressed with the trainers and their skills on coaching. Well delivered and exciting and able to put it into action immediately. Unbelievable responses from the floor and the SAles Reps! Thanks so much for the awesome assistance to our success!

Jason Dowell

3/26/2015: A+ Training Specialist! I have had the distinct pleasure to work with the Factor 8 team. Factor 8 does an amazing job coming into our organization, learning our product, and training us to the fullest. We went through a rigorous training process that took us outside the box and gave us a new perspective. This team is by far one of the best teams to work with. They are patient through the process, they are thorough with explaining the details, and pleasant to work with. I thank Factor 8 for the new tools and outlook to my position and know I have everything needed for a successful future. Thank You!

Derek Tamuty

5/31/2015: Most Useful Training I've Ever Taken! Kathleen was engaging and knowledgeable. She did a phenomenal job of catering the course material to our specific roles within our company. This was training we could actually use immediately. Excellent material and instruction! Thank you, Kathleen!

Nicole Jackson