Should you be thinking about sales videos?

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Do your teams use sales videos?  Should they?
Forrester and Forbes say yes.  We’re talking triple click-through-kind-of-yes.

But frankly the idea of arming an inside sale team with video can be overwhelming right?  Seriously, we’re putting “that guy” in the corner on video?  What about strategy, equipment, messaging.  I know! I’ll toss it over the wall to marketing!

Was it just me who thought that??

So I invite you to check out some sales videos in a really cool not-selling-me-videos kind of way – the ExecVision call coaching camp – but this month its sales VIDEO!

I’m on an expert sales coaching panel where we’ll dissect some sales videos submitted by actual sellers.  We’ll see some good, some great, and probably a few ugly.  Sign up NOW – even if you can only watch the replay.

On the expert coaching panel:
Steve Richard from Exec Vision (
Gabe Larson from Inside (
Bob Perkins from AA-ISP (Hyperlink w/
LB from Factor 8 (

Clearly I’m not the anchor here!

Sign up now – the session is Tomorrow! OH and forward this to marketing too OK?

See you there!

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