Top 6 takeaways from the AA-ISP Unite 2016 Conference

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Never Split Ten’s

No, that’s not the rule is it? Every time I learn about blackjack in Vegas it seems a little fuzzy the next morning. Shocker.

Thanks to you, we took the extended Factor 8 family to Vegas to celebrate record growth for Factor 8 in 2016. Heartfelt thanks for your continued business and referrals friends. Our little company is not so little anymore!

Oh, we also worked (got to write it off, right?) The AA-ISP UNITE 2016 Inside Sales & Manager conference was awesome. Here are 6 things we taught and learned to help you close your year strong (and have some fun doing it):

 Top 6 AA-ISP Unite 2016 Takeaways:

  1. Spend the next two weeks coaching your B+ reps – an uplift here can make the difference this year. Your C’s can’t get there and you’re A’s are already pushing (or sandbagging, but that’s a different meeting) – John Healy
  2. Try leaving just your name and number in a voicemail. A little mystery sounds much better than desperate end-of-year sales pitch message. (and always follow with an email!) – Kathleen Liles
  3. When traveling in a stretch limo, don’t wear a skirt. You’ll spend half your time hunched over getting in and out flashing the team member behind you! – I can’t tell who!
  4. If you can’t repeat your value prop after two hours at the bar, you’ve got the wrong pitch! Keep it simple and REAL like you’d explain to your friends in Vegas who ask what you do. – Steve Sharr
  5. When you bring the team together, you can outsell a fifteen year old (if you received a holiday wreath from us, you helped crush a boy scout’s dreams of beating a Factor 8 family member). Nice try sucker, our team TEACHES selling! – Factor 8 Scout Mom (You know who you are!)
  6. And LB’s best advice for closing the year strong: Don’t pretend you aren’t trying to hit a quota and they’re not trying to maximize a budget. Try this: “Does this expense need to fall in this year’s budget or next?” Or, “Do you have a portion of your budget for this that you need to spend this year?” You’re creating urgency while focusing on the value for the customer! Like splitting tens…it’s a Win-Win! (oh…you DO split tens! )

May your quotas be met, your pipelines be bursting, your customers enthralled and you never left thirsting. Cheers to a great 2017!

P.S. Take a browse through this list before setting your 2107 resolutions. LB, alongside other industry heavy-hitters, was asked ‘What do successful sales reps do?’ Spoiler alert – being strategic with priorities and time is key!


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