People use sales consultants for two reasons: expertise and bandwidth. If you find yourself running short of one or both with your virtual sales organization, then this is for you.

Ever wish you had an expert on demand to help build that new comp system? Define the custom sales process? Fix new hire training? Help define the competencies and create a recruiting process? Look, you can’t run the business, implement the fixes AND go buy the balloons with the corporate card for floor contest, right?

Yup, been there done that.

Sometimes sales leaders lack bandwidth (right?). Sometimes we have gaps in expertise. Whichever you’re short of, we’ve got you covered. Factor 8 Advisors bring in real-world advice and tactical solutions from our experience with over 200 virtual sales floors around the world.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and help you build, fix, or implement:

  • Pipeline processes
  • Sales qualification systems
  • Compensation plans
  • Hiring profiles
  • Full-scale onboarding programs
  • Culture shifts
  • Plus, too many more to list

Whatever you’re missing, we’ve done it somewhere.


We pull in the best practices from the industry combined with the expertise of the Factor 8 Team to assess your current practices, processes, systems, and talent…then we give you a customized roadmap to help you meet your goals and hit your numbers. In conjunction with our benchmarking service, we’ve also been authorized by the AA-ISP to deliver and administer the ISOI™ assessment program as an authorized delivery partner.

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Are You Best in Class?

Benchmarking helps you

  • Identify strengths & challenges against best in class
  • Infuse your plan with virtual sales expertise
  • Scale the operation
  • Assess your leadership team
  • Create your strategic roadmap

How? We leverage decades of experience across hundreds of sales floors. We’ll power through your data, observe all levels in action onsite, and do extensive interviews. Then we pull in industry best practices to deliver a red-yellow-green benchmark assessment across 10-15 key areas, short and long-term recommendations & an education session you’ll want your entire Executive team to attend.

Factor 8 is an authorized delivery partner of the AA-ISP Inside Sales Organizational Index™


Who on your team
could use a coach?

Does any of this sound familiar? You have a great product — but it isn’t translating into a great sales call. You’ve expanded the team, but you don’t have the time to listen and coach them. You’ve hired a manager or a coach, but they don’t have much experience. If any of these wake you up in a sweat at night, Coaching as a Service may be for you.

Coaching for Your Key Players

It’s like hiring a golf coach to get them started or get out of a slump.

Our experts help your Reps & Managers:

  • Get better results from sales calls
  • Keep momentum behind new initiatives
  • Make training stick longer
  • Provide better Rep coaching

Monthly coaching packages provide the support you can’t always provide yourself. Perfect for small teams where Leaders are busy building the organization or Management teams who lack the experience to move the needle.

Need some help, but not a full-blown consulting engagement? With Expert on Demand you and your team can access the Virtual Sales experience that you need, when you need it!


Use Factor 8 Expert on Demand for:

  • Translating marketing into sales messaging
  • Refining comp plans
  • Tough-call coaching
  • Aligning reward & recognition programs
  • Building new hire training
  • Identifying key metrics and KPI’s
  • Plus, too many more to list

It’s simple: you choose the level of help you need and we reserve that block of time for you every month. Three, six, and twelve month engagements.

Get the help you need to develop real solutions for immediate ROI impact.
Contact Factor 8 today!