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Factor 8’s account management training courses give your team the skills they need to deliver concrete results. Unlike other forms of account management training, we go beyond simply teaching theory. Whereas other educators are only interested in giving learners the broad strokes, our account manager courses give your people skills and tactics.

We provide account managers with the skills they need to retain and manage their clients. They’ll have the knowledge they need to hit the ground running and start growing your business in the most effective manner possible. Ensuring your account managers know what they are doing is critical, and it takes a considerable amount of expertise and effort to give them the skillsets they will need. Choosing our account management training courses means you can rest easy knowing our experts will be guiding your team, developing their talents and pushing them to new heights.

Account Managers have a lot on their plates:

  • Managing hundreds of accounts
  • Account retention
  • Driving product/service penetration
  • Profitability & growth

You know it’s time for training if you see Reps:

  • Assuming they have 100% of wallet share
  • Living off inbound orders
  • Actively managing only top 20% of books
  • Missing opportunities to grow revenue

“I’m powering through my account deck qualifying the heck out of it. Thanks to Factor 8’s training, my time management has improved. I’m able to qualify accounts so quickly that I’m able to spend more time focusing on revenue producing prospects and clients!”

Carolyn H., Account Manager


All of our sales training programs are customized to your team’s needs and experience.
Below is an example of what’s covered during account management training.



  • The roles & goals of account management
  • A call-by-call strategy for new growth
  • Add new buying contacts & locations
  • Ask questions to uncover new needs
  • Leverage customer raves for contacts, orders, & referrals
  • Confidently ask for new category orders


  • Increase the number of quality conversations
  • Spikes in active call time
  • Pipeline full of new categories, products, and contacts



  • The wallet share conversation
  • “What else can I sell?”
  • Uncover customer value
  • The customer mindset
  • Categorize accounts by growth potential
  • Propose solutions & close with value


  • Improved close percentage
  • Higher revenue per account
  • Faster pipeline velocity



  • Overcome objections
  • Reactivate lost/upset accounts
  • Keep the sale moving forward by closing for a commitment & bridging on every call
  • Account & territory management strategies
  • Strategic day/time management
  • Pipeline management


  • Account base growth
  • Higher percent to quota
  • Improved forecasting

$200M in brand new category pipeline uncovered during training plus 67% increase in legacy account growth year 1 after training.

I’m in love. How do I contact you?

We’re glad to hear it! Head on over to our Contact page or shoot us an email at

Can you show me your programs?

We sure can. Our programs are interactive, real-time training classes that can be applied immediately. Check out our rep programs here.

Hmm. What are others saying?

We’re glad you asked. We’re delighted to see how program participants have transformed the way they work – they’re crushing their goals. Check out our customer testimonials here.

What is the most important skill for an account manager?

Being able to communicate effectively with all stakeholders is perhaps the most critical skill for any account manager because it ensures everyone will be on the same page in terms of expectations and deliverables.

What are the attributes of a successful account manager?

In addition to the aforementioned communication skills, a successful account manager also needs to be able to see the big picture. They must be prepared to go above and beyond client expectations, have a deep understanding of clients’ goals, and always be open to learning new things.

Why is an account manager important?

An account manager is one of the most important links between your organization and your customers. A skilled account manager will initiate and maintain relationships with clients to maximize revenue and reduce account churn.

How can I improve my account management training?

Choosing recognized experts to provide exceptional training and consulting ensures that your account managers have access to the expertise and skills they will need to drive better results.

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