Install Base

Time to Cross & Up Sell


Install base retention isn’t enough. We need to mine our accounts for opportunities to add value, to cross sell and to up sell. We want the renewal to be a non-event, because, it’s about 80% less expensive to gain an incremental dollar than acquire a new one.

If you’re converting success or renewal reps into selling, you may have challenges with:

  • Low sales acumen
  • Inability to push through obstacles
  • Hesitance to have business and product conversations

Reps need help with:

  • Sales talk tracks
  • Technique to capture and keep attention
  • Proposing solutions to fit situations
  • Overcoming objections and competition
  • Strategically attacking their books and days

“The reps that went through your training are my highest paid reps in the company; I’ve created a career path just for these guys. They’re like my seal team six. They just get it.”

Michael Poe, SVP Operations & Global Optimization, Service Source


Level 1 – ASK FOR MORE


  • Intros that get prospects leaning in
  • Double your returned messages
  • Leverage happy customers into new opportunities
  • The role of a XUS Consultant
  • Align solutions to the customer’s situation
  • Ask questions to uncover the need for our solution
  • Business / Industry terms, trends, & challenges


  • Mindset and confidence shift
  • CSAT improvement
  • Opportunities in pipeline



  • Quickly qualify growth opportunities & rank accounts
  • Add net-new buying contacts
  • Overcome the brush off
  • Understand customer drivers, values, and challenges to improve relationship
  • Convert unhappy customers into raving fans
  • Ask better questions to align w/ customer value
  • Ask for commitments to move the sale forward


  • Improved territory penetration
  • Spikes in productive talk time
  • Increased close percentage



  • Have business goals & challenges conversations
  • Expert listening and communication
  • Ask customers for your share of wallet
  • Educate customers while pushing value hot buttons
  • Overcome your top 3 objections
  • Overcome your top 3 competitors
  • Create strategic plans of attack for each account, territory and selling day


  • More deals in the pipeline
  • Improved pipeline velocity
  • Account and revenue growth

Uplift in goal attainment from 70% to over 110%. 67% increase in legacy account growth just one quarter post training.

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