“Prior to Factor 8 training approximately 60% of our sales team was meeting the quality goal. By creating a process focused on the customer experience now 92% of the team is meeting their quality goal!”

“Prior to Factor 8 training approximately 60% of our sales team was meeting the quality goal. By creating a process focused on the customer experience now 92% of the team is meeting their quality goal!”


You need this! I started the outbound sales role 2 months ago. I booked 2 demos in those 2 months. I have booked 4 demos this week after the training. I sincerely thank you for making me not want to quit because I thought I was horrible... What you had to offer last week really works and this confirms that if anything, one of us learned something! John really knows what he's doing and I promise the results will come!
Game changer. Kelly and the crews’ knowledge and experience create an environment which fosters growth. No matter what level of experience you are at their insights challenge you to improve.
Highly recommend the Factor 8 team because they go beyond the workbooks and bring the skills to the individual products and nuances that each sales team faces.
Initially, I expected Factor 8 Training to be nothing more than another version of the type of training sessions I've been attending for years. However, it was one of - if not the - most beneficial training classes I've ever attended. Mike Finsel's enthusiasm and passion is immediately recognizable and contagious, and - even at 8 AM. I learned more during my 2-day Factor 8 Training than at any other training course I've had.
William Hairell
This training is informative and insightful for sales reps on any level. Much of the training will leave you feeling confident on the sales floor and prepares you to win! It's worth the time and investment for any sales team!
Martrell Harris
Mike, your energy and experience provide a great learning background for us to lean on. You kept control of the larger class, all eyes were on you the entire time. Great job sir!
Michael Sheer
Excellent workshop facilitated by John that encompassed everything I was looking for from Factor 8. The pace was perfect for my team and the content was rich as well as practical. The hands-on approach was what the team needed and there was no time wasted. I appreciated John's mix of professionalism as well as being relatable and entertaining. The team's feedback was that the day went by so fast and they came away with many tools that they can use starting the very next day. I would highly recommend John as well as Factor 8.
Jen Graziano
John and Kathleen did an excellent job making this training relevant and engaging. Compared to other training programs, this one ranked at the top of the list. They do an incredible job bringing real examples, keeping participants active, and allowing the course to be applicable to everyone. I would highly recommend Factor 8 training.
Ryan Stanley
I was impressed by the level of preparation Factor 8 brought to our team. Two hours into the first day I thought they could describe my role as well as I could. They knew our business very well prior to our first meeting. The result was an extremely productive training. Thanks for all the hard work!
Scott Johnson
This was the best sales training I have ever gone through. Everything was actionable, there was no confusing methodology or rubric, and it dealt with real world material. I can't recommend Factor 8 enough. I am already seeing my reps take what they learned and put it into practice. Thank you very much to the staff at Factor 8!
Dan Karel
I've been in sales management for most of my career. But, I've been in inside sales management for just 4 1/2 years. What a shift! After working in the inside environment for about four years, our company brought the factor8 folks into our large center. After careful evaluation of everyone from the associates to the VP, it was clear that we needed to make significant change...Once the realization set in that we needed to significantly change, the work was done quickly and efficiently for us. They worked at our speed which is a feat in its own! And, they trained sales leaders and associates with the same passion.
Shelley Cesar
Kelly Spencer is by far the best sales and leadership trainer I have come across, hands down! I have been through a lot of sales training in my career and this is the only one that I wanted to continue and was disappointed to have to let Kelly leave. As a matter of fact, my team asked if we could keep him on site forever!
Tom Stewart
Spot-On Training! I've participated in literally hundreds of 'sales trainings' over my 20+ year sales career. Factor 8 was by far the 'best of the rest'! Steve did his homework, was impressively prepared and presented a customer-focused, customer-specialized training that I'm confident will play a huge part in our organization's continued success. Very well done!
Dean Townsend
Highly valued resource for entire leadership team! Factor 8 initially helped me with a Benchmarking Assessment of my inside sales organization and identified several key areas for improvement and helped me to develop a roadmap for success. Subsequently, I've engaged them for sales training for both my inside and outside sales groups. They have seamlessly integrated with my teams and are well-versed in our goals and objectives and are actively helping us to achieve what we know is possible. They are a HIGHLY VALUED resource for my entire leadership team!
Amy Appleyard
Attention to detail! Lauren and Steve took the time to learn and understand our business before any recommendations were given for improvement. This crucial, yet often overlooked step has been critical in terms of getting at the heart of where we can improve as an organization. The insight, knowledge and engagement has been well received and appreciated. Without question they have earned my highest recommendation!
Tom Lundeen
Excellent Sales Training Content Provider. Factor 8 did an excellent job designing and delivering a custom sales management training curriculum for our organization! They inspected associated functions (i.e. recruiting, sales operations, etc.) to ensure their solution worked across the organization. The use of role play in the classroom was a strong tool to cement new concepts. Factor 8 is responsive, effective, competitively priced and most importantly, get the job done.
Karen Chiappetta
Hands down the best inside sales training. Lauren and crew do a wonderful job at learning your business and helping to expand on what's working. I have been through many sales training and no one can touch Lauren's knowledge and techniques...5 stars!!
Mike Gatto
Kathleen's training was phenomenal; words cannot even express our gratitude. The quality of our sales opportunities improved tremendously. This was reflected in our client's conversion rate which went from 19% to 35% surpassing the competitor's rate. The team had a paradigm shift and their skills were developed and sharpened. The training did not only develop them in their sales performance but also in their professional performance. It was truly amazing and I would recommend Factor 8 for anyone who is expecting high results from their sales team.
Tonya King
Absolutely impressive, effective, and impactful are but a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the work that Factor 8 has done with our company. As a medium sized, high growth company with a unique culture, finding the right 'fit' for a training and consulting partner was no small endeavor. However, Lauren Bailey and Steve Sharr have a unique approach that fits us so well. They truly get us! And in doing so, the have quickly earned credibility with our entire sales organization from the first line management teams all the way to the CEO. Their customized approach always makes us feel like we are their only client, (even though we know that is not the case.) Lauren's presentation style is direct and energetic and people love her! Steve's ability to provide spot on analysis has helped our company see trends that we never saw before. Our relationship over the past year with them has had a huge impact on our business and how we run it.
Laura Tasker
A+ Training Specialist! I have had the distinct pleasure to work with the Factor 8 team. Factor 8 does an amazing job coming into our organization, learning our product, and training us to the fullest. We went through a rigorous training process that took us outside the box and gave us a new perspective. This team is by far one of the best teams to work with. They are patient through the process, they are thorough with explaining the details, and pleasant to work with. I thank Factor 8 for the new tools and outlook to my position and know I have everything needed for a successful future. Thank You!
Derek Tamuty
Excellent Training Program! We've had many other Sales Training programs over the years but nothing has compared to the Factor 8 program. Our reps have been able to embrace and implement the new sales tools Factor 8 has provided to our sales force. In addition to helping with ours sales reps performance they have been able to help implement new tools and strategies for our management team thus helping us to be better coaches and managers. With their help we have been able to take our sales group to the next level.
Laura Maier


“I was blown away at the amount of in-depth sales insight provided by Kelly and Nicole from Factor 8! This wasn’t just surface-level sales training, but rather a comprehensive, hands-on experience tailored towards the products and services that MY company provides. The way the information was communicated was incredibly easy to digest, and the role plays/activities reinforced the behaviors being taught immediately and effectively. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this to any sales professional looking to further their abilities.” – Bryan McCreary

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“The Sales Bar has proven extremely effective in helping onboard reps faster and give them actionable tips and tricks to immediately implement in their daily activities to generate sales. The team of experts at The Sales Bar and Factor8 have been able to create the Sales Bar content that can stand alone or be a blend to their in-person training programs. The result is a self-paced or assignable training that is grouped and separated to be easily retained and proven to show results. Our reps also love the live events called Happy Hours.”
– Kiersey M.

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