Top 10 Tactical

COVID-19 Virtual Selling Tips

Segment The List

How and WHY you need to segment your list before you call your prospects.

Value Props

Refine your elevator pitch to focus on how you can benefit people during this time.

Reframing Your Goals

Why your new goals and KPIs should include building new relationships as a win.

Wipe Sales Out Of Outreach

Now is the time to ditch the sales pitch and focus on building relationships.

Voicemail Strategies

Why the best voicemail strategies have nothing to do with selling during this time.

Selling with Empathy

Selling with empathy means starting your outreach with “how are you?”

Discovery Calls

Why you should lead with learning on your discovery calls with prospects.


Share what you learn from prospects during discovery calls with other customers.

Pitching with Value

Tie your pitch to what is important to customers right now.

Leading with Value

Get your pipeline moving again by leading with value.

Empathetic Questioning & Listening

Make Call #1 About Asking Questions, Listening, and Sharing

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