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Find out how you stack up against inside sales best practices. Get the roadmap to to meet your goals.

Sales Training

Goals gone up?  We teach Reps to CRUSH the number – and they do it live during training.  50 to 200% spikes in close rates, revenues, and pipeline are normal.


Wish you had an inside sales expert on speed dial?  Real answers, tools, and advice to help you grow faster.

Leadership Training

Reduce attrition & prepare to scale while raising performance across your entire floor.

Coaching As A Service

Infuse your team with expert coaching to close more deals and keep reps longer.

Expert On Demand

What would you do with on-demand access to an Inside Sales expert? Get big time experts without the big firm invoice - when and how you need it.

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I think the thing that touches me the most was what I saw out of the managers. The growth that I saw out of them in such a short period of time was incredible. See the video.
Dan PerceyChief Revenue Officer at Technology Advice
Factor 8’s Sales Breakthrough Program was an integral part of moving our new sales agents from 50% to goal to well over 150% to goal in the past six months.
Hugh JonesVice President, Call Center Operations Oakwood Worldwide
"Factor 8... is an incredibly hardworking group of individuals....that will deliver and exceed your expectations. See the video.
Regina ManfrediSenior VP, Corporate Sales & Software at PCM
Top Notch Training: Factor 8 does a terrific job.Their knowledge, experience, and passion shows through in all they do. You notice the difference from start to finish – the way they prepare, to how they deliver and ultimately to how they follow through on their programs. They are there with you every step of the way to make sure you accomplish your goals and achieve success.
Larry ReevesCOO, AA-ISP
Factor 8 has done a terrific job quickly ramping up their understanding of our methodologies and our value propositions for clients. They did a great job of assessing our training needs and then helping us to close the skill gaps and enhance our calling team’s capabilities to move them into a best-in-class category.
James H. HookerPresident & CEO, Televerde


Lauren Bailey

Lauren Bailey


A twenty-year veteran of the Inside Sales industry, Lauren has worked as both the Director of Sales and the Director of Training while traveling the world to launch Inside Sales teams. Lauren has worked with in-house and outsourced sales teams selling outbound, inbound, via chat, direct, field-teamed, & channel. Her primary industry experience is in IT, Software, and Distribution. Corporate experience & clients include SAP, Sony, Waste Management, Ingram Micro, Grainger, Microsoft & Google. Lauren founded Factor 8 in 2007.

John Healy

John Healy

Vice President, Sales

John brings over 15 years of Inside Sales and Sales Leadership expertise to Factor 8. He has built and led B2B and public sector sales teams throughout the IT industry with Logicalis, Taxware, and CDW. His passion for driving sales results is matched by his desire to maximize the development of the people that he works with. John holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and has served as a mentor and coach for existing and aspiring leaders throughout his career. His unique combination of academic and real work experience has earned him “best coach” designation from many teams. John joined Factor 8 in 2014 and leads our “Coaching as a Service” and Leadership Development lines of business.

Steve Sharr

Steve Sharr

Vice President

With over 20 years of experience in sales leadership, Steve has led field & inside sales teams through startup, territory expansion, acquisition campaigns, & product launches. Working with corporate giants like Verizon, IBM, HP, Telstra, and Teletech, Steve excelled in creating sales strategies that fueled growth & profitability. His former roles included Sales, Sales Management, International Senior Director, & GM. Steve joined Factor 8 in 2010 and leads our benchmarking and ISOI line of business.


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There are a lot of firms that try to be everything to everybody. That’s not us. We’re pretty clear about our sweet spot. If you need help with outbound business to business sales to the SMB and how to attack that with an inside sales team, we’re your crew. Sure we’ve done some inbound work, a little B2C, even dabbled in training field reps, but there are probably better experts you can find. If you’re looking to startup, grow, scale, assess, or improve. . .now you’re really talking our language.
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Could I just start with, “If you’re reading this, you’re clearly wrestling with a need – or saddled with twenty extra minutes in your day (really!?). How about you give us a shout and we can help flush it out together. We’ve been doing this a while, I bet we can help.” No? Still hanging here? Cool. Here’s what I hope you got from our website: (But seriously, could you at least sign up for the blog before you go so my marketing people quit going on about conversion rates!? 😉 )

#1 “Huh. They’re really experts at this inside sales stuff.”  Nailed it. That’s all we do.

#2 “They train differently than other places, I bet they’re more expensive.”  You’re on a roll! Yup, I don’t know of another company that puts reps on the phones DURING training. But we’re not that much more – especially if you buy the curriculum.

#3 – “They seem kind of small.”  Yes. No apologies for that. We’re small. We’re scrappy. We’re good. We’re the folks you want on speed dial for some strategy, some quick advice, a new territory model, and definitely for training (but not for a massive implementation, let’s train your people for that).

#4 – “I’d really like to buy LB a beer.”  Well, it was worth a shot, right?

Thanks for visiting. If you haven’t caught it by now, we love what we do and we hang with a pretty cool crowd. If you’re an inside sales leader who gets it (or you really want to get it!), I hope you’ll join us.

Lauren Bailey