How to Transition from Field to Virtual Selling

Session presented by Lauren Bailey at the PPAI Expo

Virtual selling is HOT. Whether you’ve been in phone sales for years, or you are one of the thousands of “field reps” forced to move full or part-time to a world without face-to-face selling, possessing a few critical phone sales strategies can make or break you. Selling virtually is different, and it may be here to stay.

Gain a competitive difference by taking advantage of phone selling trends and adding a few key skills to your arsenal. In this session, Lauren Bailey answers questions like:

  • How often should I call?
  • When do I leave a voicemail?
  • How do I get people to call me back?
  • When are the best times to call?
  • How can I keep people on the phone (and not brush me off)?
  • What are good reasons to get in touch (I can’t drop by!)
  • How do I find new contacts and gain access if I’m not on-site?
  • How can I make calls more engaging?
  • How do I move the sales process forward?
  • How do I do a virtual meeting/presentation?
  • How can I drive value outside of the lunch meeting?

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