Sales and Sales Leadership require entirely different sets of skills - that’s why promoting top Reps fails so often. Arm the leaders of your sales teams with more than HR management theory. Give them real tactical job skills like coaching sales calls, running pipeline meetings, conducting sales 1:1’s and driving sales performance.


What can we say? We’re a little bit proud! We strive to be the best but the real reward is when our clients and peers think we're the best.

Our Awards

Award Winning Training
There’s winning awards and then there’s winning awards because our clients and peers think we're the frosting to their cake. The American Association of Inside Sales selects its winners through peer feedback and nominations and it’s why we’re proud to to be recognized by this organization as a leader in our industry for 4 consecutive years.

2016 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

2016 Service Provider of the Year: People Development

2015 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

2015 AA-ISP Leadership Development Provider of the Year Award

2014 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

2013 AA-ISP Spirit Award

2013 AA-ISP Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals

Do you need help justifying the budget? Studies prove that organizations who employ professional training programs outperform their counterparts who do not. 

Read third-party statistics.

Why Invest in Training?

Organizations that provide formal training and development programs set their Managers and Leaders up for success. Those that don't...

  • 35% of new Managers fail in their job. - Right Management Consultants
  • 50-70% of newly promoted executives fail within their first 18 months. - Corporate Executive Board
  • 49% of organizations rated their middle manager’s performance as fair or poor performance. - Bersin and Assoc.
  • 76% of Executives reported their development program was minimally or not at all helpful.  - Navalent

Wouldn’t it be great if there was actual JOB TRAINING for Inside Sales Leaders? There is!

Learn what makes Factor 8 workshops different

Why Clients Choose Us

Clients use Factor 8 for leadership development because it's:

  1. Customized. Seriously, we’ll teach your guys to drive YOUR KPI’s and clean up YOUR pipeline.
  2. Led by Experts. Every Factor 8 Advisor has 15+ years of experience leading the team and driving the number.
  3. Flexible. We’ll help you bring programs onsite, blend them with remote training, and even suggest no-cost solutions.



Leave Management 101 to HR.  Our experts deliver real job training for Inside Sales Managers. You won’t find this level of tactical expertise anywhere else.  Check it out!


Factor 8 Manager Training

Our workshops offer:

  1. Keeping New Rep Skills Alive – From their attitude toward the training to how they embrace it afterward, Sales Managers are the key to maximizing your Training ROI. This companion course to all Rep Workshops focuses on recognizing, coaching, and furthering new skills
  2. Call Coaching – We’ll get hands on with real calls, a coaching delivery model, and lots of free tools to help Managers double their coaching results
  3. Strategic Call Coaching – Managers will come out with a plan and a calendar to get the highest results from their coaching time
  4. Driving Sales Performance with Goals – We help Managers harness the power of goals, KPI’s, and metrics – finding performance levers beyond revenue and dials. Past participants rave, “I finally understand my job!”
  5. The Management Cadence – What meetings should Managers hold and what’s the content of each? A must for all new managers to find their new rhythm and maximize their time.
  6. Huddles – A deep dive into high-performing sales huddles to drive focus and energy to the sales floor
  7. Performance 1:1’s – A deep dive into monthly rep interactions to review performance and drive engagement
  8. Pipeline 101 – Managers leave with clean pipelines, clear definitions, and an ability to accurately forecast results and take action to drive the (right) number
  9. Pipeline Meetings – When done right, these meetings drive tension, focus, and revenue. We’ll model, teach, observe and coach your managers to lead high performance interactions.
  10. Sales Strategies – Customized to work with leads, accounts, territories, or deals, we’ll help Managers work with Reps to move the needle during these 1:1 interactions
  11. Using the Touchplan – check out Factor 8’s proprietary strategic account growth plan – then teach Managers how to harness the power to drive net new growth
  12. Driving Value To Channel Partners – The manager’s role in channel revenue is a great one. Influence is difficult and we’ll share proven tactics to get and keep the channel’s attention while closing deals.
  13. Interviewing
  14. Time Management for Managers – We know there aren’t enough hours in the day, but we’ll share proven tactics to put Managers in control and get more done

inside sales leadership training


Developed for budding Sales Directors, these next-level skills will transform Managers, Directors, or VP’s


Factor 8 Leadership Training

See what our workshop offers:

  1. The Role of the Leader – We introduce the new role of a sales leader, challenge new leaders to bring lessons learned, open new horizons, and set goals for their role
  2. Strategic Thinking – Designed to help new leaders operate at the next level, we get hands-on with problem solving, strategy creation, and analysis for sales.
  3. Leadership Communication – From delivering difficult feedback to crafting and delivering a vision, we help make each interaction with the team stronger.
  4. Team Building – We’ll cover specific techniques to build a high-performance and tight-knit team of sellers around the leader
  5. Building Presentations – Leaders must be able to communicate out and up in a succinct, engaging fashion in PowerPoint. We’ll teach and build these together.
  6. Delivering Presentations – With lots of hands-on practice, we’ll practice using PPT decks, projecting confidence, and engaging the executive audience
  7. Leading People – We’ll dig into the Leader’s responsibilities and skills of leading the team and empowering and engaging employees, selecting managers showcasing their values
  8. Personal Leadership – Sometimes the most challenging journey is a leader’s self-discovery. Leaders emerge with a new power carved from self-knowledge, goal setting, attitude analysis, and ownership.


Stellar Training! Highly Recommend. John is a sales training stud. From start to finish he managed to engage my sales team. This was the first time I have witnessed a team of reps sad to see a training end. His interactive hands-on approach coupled with some humor and wit led to a fun and highly effective learning environment.

James Barr

WePow, Vice President of Sales

Best Sales Manager Training--EVER! John provided the best training I have ever received. It was so beneficial to see how to develop my team and give the most productive and beneficial feedback. I would recommend this company and training to any organization wanting to grow their sales managers and representatives to the next level or two or five.

Janelle Love

Quill, Sales Manager

Each time we've partnered with Factor 8 over the years, they have modified the training to be extremely applicable to our needs. They are great partners - also taking time to fully understand the business, and identify exactly what needs to be done to ensure the training is meaningful and can be immediately applied on the job. Great job!


Amazing! I've worked with the Factor 8 team for two very different sales teams over the last five years and they always deliver...what you need when you need it! I hope I have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Don Anderson

Incredible partners! We have been partnering with Factor Eight for several years on custom sales training for our inside sales teams and continue to benefit from their expertise and customer focused approach. They are truly some of our best partners!


Terrific Team! Factor 8 has been a tremendous partner for our team! They take the time to understand your business, tailor a complete strategy based on your unique circumstances, and then ensure that the plan is executed! From A-Z, they do it right. I would gladly work with them again!


50-70% of newly promoted executives fail within their first 18 months.

Corporate Executive Board

76% of Executives reported their development program was minimally or not at all helpful. 


55% of Executives report minimal or no ongoing development, coaching, or feedback in their role.


35% of new Managers fail in their job.

Right Management Consultants

Middle Managers receive fewer resources, are less engaged, and manage more people than any other employee group.

Bersin & Associates

Only 28% of organizations have development programs meeting the needs of Middle Managers. 

Harvard Business Review

49% of organizations rated their middle manager’s performance as fair or poor performance.

Bersin and Associates

67% of companies say they need to revamp their management development programs.

Harvard Business Review

Top young managers get on-the-job development but not enough formal training, mentoring, and coaching.

Harvard Business Review

“Lack of Development” is the number one cause of attrition.


Sales Executives cite Training and Development as their #1 Challenge.

American Association of Inside Sales Executives


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