Sales 3.0 Conference:

How We Helped 52 Women in Sales Get Promoted

Two years ago, Lauren Bailey started an enablement experiment. One with the audacious goal of changing the face of sales leadership because of the ridiculous statistic that only 10% of sales leaders are female.

The entire program was based on a theory – her hypothesis that one single attribute was responsible for the gap. Was she right?

Watch and learn about that one thing, plus:
• Five ways to juice your own career development programs
• How women learn & advance differently than men
• Surprising statistics from 200 women in sales
• What she got wrong
• Ten ways to hire, engage, and promote more women in your own company

Recommended for women AND men enablement leaders, training leaders, operations and sales leaders + every woman with an aspiration to climb the ladder.

Learn more about Lauren Bailey’s program for women in sales, #GirlsClub, right here: