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Prospecting Skills That Fill the Top of the Funnel


Like you, thousands of inside sales teams have added Business Development Reps 
(sometimes called a BDR or SDR) to fill the top of their sales funnels. 

But even with the best sales script, these reps struggle with:

  • Finding new decision-makers
  • Getting and keeping them on the phone
  • Uncovering needs
  • Closing for concrete next steps

Provide them with BDR training to equip them with the skills and coaching they need to:

  • Create more opportunities
  • Score higher on conversation quality
  • Improve discovery call show rates
  • Increase lead to opportunity rates
  • Double talk time

“Your training is different because I go right back to my desk immediately, use it, and see the results.”

Rebekah K., Account Rep


All of our sales training programs are customized to your team’s needs and experience.
Below is an example of what’s covered during SDR/BDR sales training.

Level 1 – ENGAGE!


  • Leave messages that get returned twice as often
  • Deliver an introduction that engages buyers
  • Overcome the brush off & get them talking
  • Confidently ask questions to uncover opportunity
  • Quickly & conversationally qualify


  • More connects and talk time
  • Higher dial-to-close ratio
  • Improve opportunity quality

Level 2 – MAXIMIZE!


  • Find more names (the right ones) for each lead
  • Qualify leads to create a smart plan of attack
  • Categorize leads to work faster and smarter
  • Recognize buying signals, transition and close.


  • Triple lead ROI
  • Higher lead : appointment ratio
  • More meetings/opportunities created

Level 3 – CLOSE!


  • Dig deeper to uncover customer value
  • Get buyers to make committments
  • Close confidently
  • Keep good leads alive for more attempts
  • Overcome top 3 objections


  • More opportunities accepted
  • Higher quality sales opportunities and show rate
  • Increased revenue

200% improvement in lead-to-appointment close ratios in 30 days.

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