Should You Step Down from Sales Management?

Not sure you did the right thing pulling the trigger for the promotion? Miss your old customers? Not getting done working until dark? Losing your mind babysitting? Have you calculated what you make an hour now vs. when you sold for a living?

We get you. You aren’t alone!

In fact, over 50% of new sales managers don’t stay in their role. Some opt to take a step down from sales management, some are asked to leave due to poor performance. The sad part is that you LOVED selling, right?! Most awesome sellers are ambitious and competitive by nature like you. Of COURSE you investigated moving up! And yes, you probably should be a VP someday soon, but this interim gig of front-line sales supervision stinks.

Nobody cares as much as you do. Not a single week goes by with everyone actually showing up and working a full week. You’re saying the same things over and over. You spend your days fighting fires. It’s impossible to know where to spend your time. Useless meetings crowd your calendar. Remember the days where your own hard work determined your destiny and your paycheck? Where you could carry the number over the line AND win a great trip or bonus? Those were the days…

Now you’re thinking of leaving the company – throwing away all the product and service knowledge and years of experience…not to mention relationships and street cred! AHH!!

So, how do you know if you should stay or you should go (if you’re singing it in your head, you get it)? Only you have the ultimate answer, but in the meantime, I’ve created a fun little quiz to help.

Take the Quiz Below!

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