Virtual Selling Strategies to Give Reps a Competitive Advantage [Webinar]

Sales 3.0 Conference

Did you miss Lauren Bailey’s session on “Virtual Selling Strategies to Give Reps a Competitive Advantage” at the Sales 3.0 Conference? Fill out the form to watch the recording.

What’s the session about?

Virtual selling is HOT. Even the most tenured sellers are adapting to the world of phones and video – so help them gain a competitive edge. These skills, tips, and tactics can make or break sales and sales strategies. Led by 10x award-winning inside sales expert Lauren Bailey with Factor 8, this session will be fast-paced, fun, and leave you with no fewer than 10 actions your team can take this week. Tune in to learn things like:

  • How often should my reps call a contact?
  • When should they leave a voicemail?
  • How do we get new buyers and accounts if we can’t be in person?
  • When are the best times to call?
  • How do we add value over the phone?
  • How do we get new contacts to talk to us?
  • What are good reasons to get in touch (they can’t drop by!)
  • Fails to avoid in virtual meetings

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