10 Tips for Sales Success from a High-Performer

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I’ve been to a lot of places, sold a number of different products, and won quite a few awards. Along the way, I have found a rhythm for my sales success. While everyone’s rhythm is different, there are certain keys to sales success that I have found to ring true for all. 

Here are my top 10 tips for becoming a high performer:

  1. Persistence – On average, it takes 18 calls to get someone on the phone. Don’t give up, and be sure to have a voicemail and email cadence.
  2. Consistent Prospecting – A salesperson should always be busy. If you’re not closing, you should be opening (aka prospecting).
  3. Trust, but Verify – The information we receive, whether from online resources or a mutual acquaintance, is not always accurate. Verify your contacts, titles, needs, etc., directly. 
  4. Track Your Cadence – Be sure to switch up the voicemails you are leaving and emails you are sending. Also, be sure to show Salesforce (or your CRM) some love. Tracking which voicemails and emails you use, when you use them, and which ones work can help in fine-tuning your cadence. 
  5. Have a Conversation – Open with your SWIIFT℠ Pitch (So, What’s In It For Them), then ask the prospect a question. Relationships are built on two-way conversations.
  6. Let Them Tell You What They Want – Yes, you’ve researched a lot. Once you find out what their challenges are, you can show them everything you know. 
  7. Penetrate Your Accounts – The truth is people leave. So, the more people that know you, the more likely you’ll keep the account when turnover happens.
  8. Objections are Good – You’ve engaged the prospect and they are seriously considering your solution. If they agree with everything you say, ask an unexpected question (called a pattern interrupt). Don’t be scared of objections, it means they are listening. 
  9. Closing With Flexibility – Set upfront contracts and let prospects know it’s okay to say no and choose another solution. While we want to win every deal, that’s not entirely realistic. The easier you make it for the prospect to say no, the less time you’ll spend chasing dead deals. You can use that extra time to prospect new accounts that will cross the finish line.
  10. Feedback is Gold – Get feedback on every deal, if you can. No matter if you win or lose, the reasons behind the client’s decision are invaluable. It will help you close future deals and it will make you better. I promise. 

Finally, winning the deal is only the beginning. Now you need to deliver on the trust they put in you. Exceed expectations and create those win/win situations. 

It’s up to each of us to develop mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. To be the people they know, like, and trust.

About the Author:

Victoria Brooks is a Protégé in Generation 4 of #GirlsClub and a Technical Sales Representative at Dell.  She moved into sales to better support her daughter as a single parent and found her confidence by creating win/win situations. She’s passionate about diversity, technology, and animal rescue.  She’s usually roaming around Austin, Texas taking pictures to post on social and sharing sales “war” stories to anyone who will listen.

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