Best Sales Script To Get A Buyer’s Attention

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You may have heard us talk about our SWIIFTSM Intro before. The idea is for your best sales script to focus on the buyer and add value so they stop typing their emails and start listening to you. When you have it, there is something even more powerful than the SWIIFTSM “ear perk,” and that’s a lever. A lever is a piece of information you have on the company, contact, industry, or history that says:

“Hey man, this isn’t a cold call. I’m important and you practically already know me. Tune in!”

The best lever is a name – preferably one in their company (e.g. their boss! An executive!), but in lieu of this, use some buying history, shared experience, shared external contact, or even events. Here are some examples:

(external name) Looks like we both know John Smith pretty well

(company history) We’ve been providing your security licenses for the past few years

(internal name) I work closely with Kathleen in marketing

(experience) I see we both attended the AA-ISP conference this year

But here is the all-time favorite and most powerful sales script (the name):

Bob! Lauren with Factor 8. I talked to Larry Reeves yesterday. He asked me to give you a call and I promised him that I would. Tell me something, are you guys expanding your sales force this year?

What’s different and powerful about this lever statement is that we leave the “why” to the contact’s imagination. And it’s probably generating something like, “Oh, snap!  What’s going on!?” NOW Bob is paying attention, right? Also notice that I didn’t launch into some big history like:

I talked to Larry and he said that he isn’t the right contact and that I should call you.”

Yeah, that just screams sales pitch! But it’s what I hear most often. Listen, if Larry gives you the brush-off and Bob’s name, just spin it into the above. OK, Larry, I’ll call him. Boom! You promised him that you would. So don’t fret about the wrong names on your list. They can be powerful levers!

Get your contacts to STOP thinking about how to get you off the phone and START talking to you.

And don’t leave out the SWIIFTSM question at the end of your intro. This is what gets them to STOP thinking about how to get you off the phone and START thinking of the quick and easy answer to your question.  And guess what? Now they’re talking!

Need some help creating the best sales script ever? Download our SWIIFT℠ Intro in a Box Guide below!


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