Quick Sales Voicemail Tips to Build Phone Confidence

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Whether you’re new to phone sales or a seasoned pro, if you’re looking for tips to build phone confidence, then keep reading.

Start by setting yourself a call goal and stick to it! Always make that many calls per day.

Now, you and I both know that 80-90% of calls are going to end up in a sales voicemail, so be ready to leave one.

I cannot stress this enough: ALWAYS LEAVE A VOICEMAIL. It doesn’t count as a touch, if you don’t leave a voicemail.

And make sure it’s a “good” voicemail. If you’re not sure what that means, here are 3 traits of a good sales voicemail:

  1. It’s under 10 seconds
  2. You said their name like you know them
  3. You motivated them to call you back using urgency, mystery, value, or a lever

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Never, ever, ever pitch or sell in a voicemail. Odds are, you’ll never hear from the contact again.

So, why leave a voicemail? Well, good voicemails can lead to 3-5x more returned calls (vs. bad or no voicemails). That means that if you leave 10 voicemails every day, I promise you’ll get 3-5 more calls returned. That might not sound like great odds, but those are 3-5 more conversations that you weren’t getting before.

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So, set your call goals, take the time to craft a really strong voicemail, leave it every time, and put those notes in your CRM so you know which voicemail you left.

There’s no better way to build phone confidence than to see it work and actually get prospects and customers to call you back.

Watch the video below to see LB break down the 4 goals for leaving a sales voicemail.

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