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The Sales Bar Glossary

If you aren’t sure what a certain term means, check out our Sales Bar glossary below:

Course Chaser – Looking for a little bit extra? This collection of content will refresh, reinforce, and remind you of the key points of the course. You’ll find more activities, calls from our library, videos, cheat sheets, and more! Chasers are best consumed weeks after the main course has been completed.

Manager Toolkit – A one-stop-shop for coaching, leading, and keeping the skills of the course alive. Toolkits include a month-long implementation guide, coaching cheat sheet, and call coaching form. Leaders and aspiring coaches can use these materials to help bolster core concepts and have their learners hitting the mark faster!

On Tap – Looking for one spot with the newest additions to our Sales Bar menu? This course is updated monthly with new content across a variety of courses. New content includes recorded calls, cheat sheets, submission activities, videos, and more. All new modules will appear here for about 6 weeks before moving out of On Tap and residing solely in the Course Chaser.

Sales Bar Coach – Put your knowledge of the courses content to the test in this call coaching trial. Try and compare your call coaching with one of our Factor 8 advisors! In this activity, you’ll listen to a recorded call, create coaching comments, and compare with an advisor.

Skill Showcase – Ready to own the concepts from your courses and customize the skills to your role and business? These activities will enable you to make it your own and practice the core concepts. Formerly called “Post This.”

Top Takeaway – A one-page “cheat sheet” that serves as a reminder for the key points from the eLearning! Keep this one handy while you’re making your calls! Formerly called our “Script Sample.”

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