Friends of Factor 8 training and referral program

Our mission is to help displaced sellers find resources, connections, and employment while helping companies find qualified talent ready to make an immediate impact. 

What is the program?

People are losing their jobs due to an international catastrophe that is out of their control. We know that out of every negative experience comes a positive opportunity. We want to decrease the time it takes for people effected to receive that opportunity!

Factor 8’s promise is to play a role in helping people cope with the challenges we all face today AND experience a positive outcome from an otherwise shitty situation!

Here’s what you get:



A virtual skill certification program


Demonstrate your skills for our network of potential employers



Network with the companies in our program

Candidate Application

Employer Application

Candidate Application

Employer Application

Who’s hiring?

These great companies are hiring in your industry. Check them out below.

US based companies

Canadian based companies