Live Prospecting Training


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Initial Prospect Research

We’ll start with initial prospect research – got a name but no email? No problem. We’ll walk you through best practices for ensuring you have all of the info you need BEFORE you call a prospect.

Live Prospecting Session

Then we’ll hop on a Zoom meeting with your team and begin dialing on speakerphone until we get a prospect on the phone. Voicemail? Great – just another learning opp on leaving voicemails that get callbacks.

Call Coaching

After our call with a prospect, our Sales Advisors will be there to coach our session, giving real-time feedback on what we did and what we could have done differently, following the tactics we teach at Factor 8.

All we need is a 15-minute prep session to learn your business and customers.

We know times are tough for a lot of folks right now, which is why we’re offering our Live Prospecting Training for *FREE*.

Want in? Fill out the form below to request more info AND to receive a *real* example of a prospecting call we will do for your team.

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