Quick Tips for Running an Engaging Virtual Sales Demo

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Don’t forget the cardinal rule of virtual sales demos: Give a custom sample, not a full tour!

Imagine you are a nervous flyer. You reluctantly board your first flight in years, and the pilot invites you to look at the cockpit. You must really be vibing terror, right?

As you walk in, you see panel after panel of knobs, levers, & buttons (oh my!). Every surface. Two sides. Even the roof has switches.

This isn’t helping. 

The co-pilot looks 12 years old.

Is that coffee sitting on the instrument panel? 

Is that display SUPPOSED to be flashing!?

As you tune back in, you’ve just been asked a question. Wait, he’s been talking? What did he ask? You think it was something like, “What can I show you?”

Um, shouldn’t he KNOW!?!

Ok, think! Your brain catches up to your mouth as it forms the words, “How about the safety features?”

Yes. Perfect. Show me what happens if you keel over dead, or a fuse blows, or we hit a flock of geese (are your hands actually sweating now?)

Can you feel me here? I’ll stop with the extreme example to make my point. You, dear nervous flyer, do NOT want a button-by-button explanation of how this 20-ton machine will suddenly take flight. 

You want some reassurance!

You want to feel better about your safety!

You want a kindergarten-simple overview of your safety, am I right? 

Your prospect may not be a nervous flyer – or even a nervous buyer – but I guarantee they also don’t want a button-by-button tour. Let me repeat for effect:

Prospects don’t want full-blown tours.

In fact, if you’re giving the same demo several times a day, you’re doing it wrong. 

Prospects want a custom sample of your product or service based on their needs, their challenges, and their goals.

Here’s the good news: Your demos will take a LOT less time.

Here’s the bad news: You’ll spend that time in demo prep.

And the result? Better conversations during show and tell. Deeper discovery, more agreement, and higher engagement. That equals higher close rates.

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