Are Your Reps Struggling With Confidence?

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Sales rep confidence on the phone is critical, and it has to start immediately.  Like the moment you even utter your name.  When we hear Reps struggling with confidence during training, we use this silly tip to help them say their names like they MEAN it.  That’s right, like a BOSS.  What is it?  We attach the word “dammit.”

What?  Try it.  When you hear, “Hi, my name is Lauren??” like a question, call your Rep on it and challenge them instead to say, “Hi, my name is Lauren, DAMMIT.”  Then again.  Then louder.  Make them laugh and yell it!  When you’re sure they’ve got it, drop the dammit and see how it sounds.  Tell them that now they SOUND like the bad-ass they are.  Catch them doing it right later in the day and let them know how great they sound.


Challenge each of your managers to do this with one rep today and hand out rewards for the most improved.  The whole team can get in on cheering the Rep who’s most improved.

Get after it!  Promote some bad-assery today.


This is part 3 of our Bad-Assery Inside Sales Tips. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.

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