Building Your Sales Management Strategy

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For many years in corporate America I felt a little bit in the dark. As a Sales Leader of about $30M, I had a number to hit but I didn’t have a great resource for new ideas on how to hit it. As a Training Leader with a team of 20 I had a vision for building a department and offering new services, but so often I wondered if I was doing it the hard way. Were my goals realistic? Were we best in class?

When we get entrenched in our teams, our goals, our fires and our corporate dramas (c’mon, we all know they’re there!) we aren’t always able to get “outside of it” all and develop strategy.

As I build my own business today (10 people and $2M revenue) I find myself in the same seat. I’m so head’s down that it’s hard to think “up” and “out” and I often wonder if I’m on the right track. Oh, and I forget to make time for that track of strategy and planning – sound familiar?

As a consultant for the past ten years, something I consistently hear from clients is the value they get from an outsider perspective. We don’t know the “way it’s always been done” at their company and we slay elephants in rooms and sacred cows in departments like there’s a shortage of meat at the local grocery store. What they appreciate even more is hearing stories of how multiple other companies are doing things. With one resource they can ask a question and hear real-life stories about new trends people are trying, mistakes most people make, what works and what doesn’t.

I’d KILL for that right now as an entrepreneur.

Here’s the good news. On December 13th, as a sales leader there is a HUGE opportunity to do this with not just one consultant but four.

And not just any consultants, but leaders in the inside sales industry that have been around the BLOCK! Steve Richard with ExecVision has run sales teams AND implemented sales training and enablement tools at hundreds of companies! Trish Bertuzzi from The Bridge Group literally wrote the book on sales development and has a deep client base she’s been helping for over 20 years. Jared Houghton and Ambition have built one of the coolest new tools I’ve seen on the market and he regularly rolls up his sleeves with sales teams to build process, set goals, and drive results. I round out number four and I bring ten years of client insights benchmarking inside sales best practices and listening to thousands of sales calls every year when implementing hands-on rep and manager training.

THIS is a killer opportunity to gain insight! And it’s not a pitchy BS webinar, it’s a town hall. Submit a question and get four (hell, at least three and a half) of the top minds in sales answering for you. The webinar is happening on December 13th at 11:00 am ET. Here’s where to register.

These are three of my favorite people in the industry. Don’t miss this session!

Sign up here (and yes, you’ll get the replay so even if you don’t get your questions answered, you can see if other have the same ones and learn from them – and feel better about having that question in the first place, right?)

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