Factor 8 Announces a Training Partnership with AA-ISP

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We are so proud to announce that Factor 8’s new online training platform The Sales Bar has been selected by the prestigious American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) to be featured in their Inside Sales Academy.

Why Now?

This is in response to a massive need in our community – a cost-effective and timely way to provide skill training for our reps and managers.  For years, the AA-ISP has conducted formal challenge surveys asking all levels about their top organizational issues.

To no one’s surprise, “Lack of Development” has appeared as a top 3 challenge from the rep and leader perspectives for the past 5 years running.

This need will become only more critical as our demand for new sales talent increases and our labor pool and unemployment decrease.  Does anyone else feel like we’re starting to scrape the bottom of the sales talent barrel?

It is a critical time to solve the challenge of reps leaving due to a lack of development because we have faster sales burnout than ever before.  Average inside sales lifespans are shrinking.

Let’s face it, finding a SDR with 2 years of experience will be highly unlikely and we need to prepare today to build new talent vs. buying it (just like the old dilemma with tools: build vs. buy).  

Now is the time to start building our talent.

Why The Sales Bar?

The AA-ISP Academy has multiple certifications available for new sellers – whether they are ISE’s, BDR’s, Social Sellers, or Managers.  But smart leaders and reps are going beyond onboarding and addressing ongoing and next level development.

The Sales Bar is the only platform offering unlimited inside-sales-specific curriculum for a monthly subscription price.  This model allows leaders to keep a consistent line-item in the budget for rep development while providing flexible on-demand development for BDR’s, ISE’s, Account Managers, and Frontline Sales Managers.

AA-ISP Founder & Chairman,  Bob Perkins, says “We know that the curriculum taught at Factor 8 is sound, and the format and experience they’ve created in The Sales Bar makes it easy for Leaders, Managers, and Reps to get exactly what they need when they need it.”  

Whether that’s a full e-Learning course on a new sales skill, on-demand script starters, or even actual recorded calls, the content is engaging, short, fun and based in the real world of inside selling.  

Content is even refreshed monthly so there is always something new to engage learners.

“We find most of our learners jump right in and binge new content,” says Mike Finsel, Manager of Customer Experience (lovingly called “Head Bartender” at Factor 8), “Especially call recordings and Manager Toolkits – those are fan favorites.”

Clients love the opportunity to share ideas with other companies, gamify their learning, and even attend live events with Factor 8 Inside Sales Experts.

“It’s our duty to develop the younger generations of sales.  It’s our way to give back to our community by investing in the future of our great profession.  The Sales Bar offers an easy and relatively inexpensive way to get ongoing development on the menu at any sized company – and off the top three challenges list,”  says Perkins.

“I’m extremely excited about this partnership and how we can change the narrative in our community.  With the help of AA-ISP, we will eradicate any old excuses for not providing ongoing job training to our teams.  That’s an important game changer and one I’m proud to be part of,” says Factor 8 & Sales Bar Founder Lauren Bailey.

Learn more about The Sales Bar and sign up for your free trial here!

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