You got hung up on? Congratulations!

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Let me just bottom line this bad-ass blog post for you guys. When reps are “scared” on the phone, this is what they’re scared of. Seriously. It is literally the very worst that can happen to them when selling on the phone. (Actually it would be a funny post to see what WAS the worst thing that ever happened to you when selling on the phone…let’s do that next!).

So my advice is, help this happen to them as soon as possible. In fact, put a contest around it and reward it.

It’s not EXACTLY like falling off a horse or throwing someone fully clothed into the deep end of the pool. . .but it’s the Factor 8 phone sales training equivalent. The rep who emerges on the other side? Total. Bad. Ass.

Watch the video for more details. Thanks for promoting bad-assery!


PS – Last week I talked at the SalesHacker / SalesForce conference in New York City (holy humid you guys. I didn’t even sight see!). I talked a lot about the benefits of focusing on your reps’ introductions and helping them get on first base.

We’ve built our first Factor 8 “Training in a box” and I’d love you to check it out. It’s free, and it has step by step instructions on how to use all our free training tools to roll out training on better intros to your whole team. Give it to your trainer or a sales manager and send us your results! Here’s the link to get it:

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