Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance

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Let’s dive deep into a phenomenon that’s rearing its head in the world of sales: call reluctance. Having chatted with senior sales leaders this month, it’s clear this isn’t just an isolated challenge; it’s a widespread issue. But why is it happening, and more importantly, how do we tackle it?

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The Reason for Sales Call Reluctance

When you have reps dodging calls and taking refuge behind emails or DMs, you’re witnessing call reluctance in action. So, why are our once-confident reps hesitating? A few reasons…

The COVID Comfort Zone: The pandemic changed buying patterns. Many sellers shifted to a laid-back, order-taking mode. Now, as the world returns to some semblance of its pre-pandemic self, we need to dust off our sales hats and get back into the game.

A Crisis of Confidence: A few factors are at play here:

  • The lack of immediate success can chip away at confidence and motivation.
  • The absence of a clear purpose or compelling reason for calling.
  • The pandemic brought easy sales, which meant we didn’t flex those traditional sales muscles. Now, they’re feeling a bit stiff.

Demoralized Frontline Leaders: These folks are the backbone of our teams. When they’re down, the whole ship can veer off course.

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Rebuilding Rep Confidence to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance

So, how do we turn the tide? How do we help reps build confidence and get back on the phones?

Rediscover the ‘Why’: Tap into what truly drives our reps and managers. Align their goals and motivations with their roles and rewards. It’s all about the personal connection.

Celebrate Small Wins: Start small. Take, for instance, a client of mine: once struggling with a mere 100 dials a month across a team, they shifted focus to small victories. Now? They’re rocking 90 discovery calls a week!

Skill Refresher: It’s time to retrain and remind our reps about the art of tactical sales. Equip them with the tools they need to navigate this new landscape.

Invest in Your Leaders: Here’s the golden nugget: support your frontline sales managers. I can’t emphasize this enough. Whether it’s training, resources, or just a chat over coffee, check in with them. And hey, if you’re looking for training, I might know someone. 😉 But jokes aside, these leaders are pivotal. Ensure they have the right support, tools, and motivation to steer the ship.

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Best Practices to Remember

Embrace Technology: Virtual sales tools aren’t just about tracking; they can offer insights, refine strategies, and enhance client relationships.

Regular Check-ins: In the world of virtual sales, regular team check-ins can bridge the gap, ensuring everyone’s aligned and motivated.

Client Engagement: Beyond the sale, focus on building and nurturing relationships. Virtual doesn’t mean impersonal.

The sales landscape is ever-evolving, and while challenges like call reluctance arise, with the right strategies and support, we can not only overcome them but thrive. It’s about reconnection, retraining, and relentless support.

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