Quick Time Management Tips for Sales Managers

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One of the hardest parts about being a manager is mastering the art of time management and being able to carve out time for everyone – for yourself, for your team, for your boss, for your career. How much? How often? Who’s first?

All too often the answer is us last. We’re so focused on proving ourselves to our team and our peers (and yes, to our boss, and maybe most of all to ourselves). We go in early, we log on late, we try to answer questions immediately and if we can’t we vow to get the answer and we do it.

Spoiler alert: this isn’t the answer. This is what made you an amazing rep. Your customers and prospects were your team and you made commitments and kept them. Like so many top rep skills, they won’t make you a top manager.

Tip #1: The goal is to get to the end of a workday with as little on your list as possible. That’s right leaders of leaders, managers, or superstars, You. Don’t. Own. it. And if you do, you shouldn’t.

Here’s my favorite line for busy front-line leaders: 

Rep: Hey boss, got a second, I need to tell you about…

You: Sure. I have 2 minutes right now or 30 minutes in our 1:1 next week.

Tip #2: Top managers have a set cadence of rep interactions. They’re never longer than a week away from a pre-planned interaction to talk about performance, pipeline, strategy, or career. And all the interruptions in between? Neatly pushed into a meeting or delegated away. 

Can you picture it? Like a duck gliding on the water – because all the hard work’s been done setting up the pond. My metaphors are getting a bit ridiculous, so let’s cut to the chase. 

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