Tooth Fairy Has COVID-19

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Last week the tooth fairy didn’t come to my house due to the Coronavirus.  Hey, if a tiger can get it, so can a fairy. Frankly, I’m a bit worried about the Easter Bunny.  Really:


Me:  Boy honey, I’m not sure why she didn’t come. (aw, crap!)  What do you think could have happened? (Classic facilitation technique)

Cameron: Well, maybe she got coronavirus?

Me (to self): (Why didn’t I think of that!?  Brilliant!)

Cameron: Yeah, fairies are REALLY old.

And then it was done.  And I let myself and my husband off the hook.  And looks like she got out of quarantine the very next day.

A few more fails to admit to (because if you’re reading this you may need them too):

  1. I never figured out the online school portal. I got into one, got lost, got locked out, went to paper packets by week two. Totally missed “ATI testing” (what is this?)
  2. I’ve consumed more bottles of wine in the past 3 weeks than in the past 3 months.
  3. I’m no longer cooking healthy interesting meals.  If the kids want hot dogs, the family eats hot dogs.

So now that I’ve established myself as COMPLETELY credible, here are some things I am doing that are helping:

  1. I’m getting up before they do so I can have a peaceful walk.  I’m not good at meditating but I’m great at BASKING. What a beautiful tree, bird, bush, facemask…you get it.  I’m a better human this way (and it lasts until about 1pm.)
  2. I’ve scheduled at least 2 hours into every day for mom/kid time.  I’m not trying to “sneak away” from either one and feeling like a failure at both. Focused time is better for everyone.. but especially me.
  3. I’ve canceled pipeline meetings and instead I’m asking my team to tell me about what they’re learning.  Redefining wins helps us all feel like winners.
  4. The entire team is value-hunting. What can we do to help our clients, our community, our pipeline?  We’re doing it with a fervor that actually outpaces how we approached sales. I’m proud of that.
  5. I’m researching degrees in Fortnight (kidding). Kids (2nd, 3rd grade) are easily spending 6 hours/day on iPads and I’m just letting that be OK. They’re learning teamwork, right?
  6. I’m paying for good behavior. We use a chore point system (sales leaders, you’d love my bonus and SPIFF plan).  They get an extra point at the end of the day when there is no fighting, fussing, or parental nagging required.
  7. I’m paying for chores. Before Covid, I had a housekeeper who helped me run the house while I ran two businesses. Nope, it turns out it’s NOT humanly possible to do it all. So now I pay my kids. Laundry – check. Vacuuming – check. Dishes, Dogs, Dusting, floors, and toilets! It takes longer the first time, and then it’s gold. They’re earning $15 – 20 / week and I’m adding structure, life skills, and sanitization to us all.  
  8. I’ve added more team meetings and made more 1:1 phone calls to check on people. Video happy hours are gold and we figured out how to play virtual cards against humanity one night (that’s because I am the HR department…maybe start with pictionary).
  9. I’ve communicated clearly our intent to keep jobs, cut expenses, add programs and do all we can to thrive with the team. Including my own pay cut.
  10. This one is most important. I’ve stayed positive. I’ve refused to watch the news or engage in doomsday conversations. I get plenty of what I need to know second-hand, but we are all in charge of our own mood, attitude, and outlook.  Surround yourself with fear and negativity, and put out more fear and negativity. I adamantly believe that… 

The worst thing we can allow right now is fear.

OK, I’m taking a bonus tip to express gratitude. The number one way I’ve maintained some balance and normalcy is due to the help of my amazing husband. I’ve always felt blessed to have such a true partner in life and home, but I’m so wonderfully blessed right now. Where I’ve failed this month he’s stepped up. I feed and wash the kids, he teaches. I cover mornings, he has afternoons. And when I celebrated my 46th birthday this weekend in lockdown, he found a way to make it incredible all the same. Not all of us are as lucky to have someone to help us through the crazy. I’m blessed. Thank you, Steve Sharr.

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