Factor 8 Named a Selling Power 2021 Top Sales Training Company

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This feels like a big deal…

Twenty (cough) ish years ago during my first week as a Sales Manager, my colleagues (and assigned hazers) dropped a stack of Selling Power magazines on my desk. As the “fresh meat”, it was my job to distribute them on the floor.

That’s right kids, real paper magazines.

I was a little in awe. Naturally, I pretended to bemoan the assignment, but secretly I was thinking, “There’s a whole magazine about sales?!” I studied the man on the front cover. I flipped to the “big deals” section, scanned the sales tips, and devoured the success stories. This was seriously cool. My dream got locked and loaded…could I be on these pages one day?


Right after starting Factor 8 and seeing great client successes, I applied to be included in Selling Power’s “Top 25 Sales Training Companies” list. Denied. For three straight years. I got an honorable mention once (I think they felt sorry for me), they offered me a guest blog or two too.

Fast forward to 2021: We expanded from two to fifteen people, added an eLearning platform, The Sales Bar, changed our model, added custom tracks, brought in serious leadership talent, and spun up #GirlsClub. I was too busy to apply, but Ted Martin and Amy Wunderlich weren’t. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m so very proud to announce that my dream has come to fruition. Factor 8 has been named as one of Selling Power’s “Top 25 Sales Training Companies”!

I feel like I will literally burst with pride.

And it’s so much better sharing the glory with my Factor 8 family and clients who helped us get here. Stay tuned for the acceptance speech, in addition to the Academy, I’d like to thank… 

Melissa Murillo, Dave Brown, Derek Few, Dharmesh Shah, Jess Dodge, Dirk Foreman, Eileen Wiens, Wanda Pansky, Heather McNeive, Brett Honerkamp, Glenn Harvey, and Hugh Jones for taking the time to share your experience working with Factor 8 and helping us make the list! 

And my wonderful Factor 8 family; your continued hard work and dedication to our clients!

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