Inside Sales Leaders, Promote Bad-Assery

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Yes, it’s a word. Well sort of. Shonda Rhimes made it so in The Year of Yes. And since this woman owns TGIT TV I’m going with it. But what does it mean to you and sales revenue? I’m glad you asked…

Promoting bad-assery is CRITICAL to inside sales. Bad-Assery is the practice of knowing and celebrating ones gifts and talents. It’s operating with swagger. With confidence – and as I love to say, Sales is a confidence sport. We all know our best call or meeting of the day comes off the heels of a GREAT one.

Promoting bad-assery is not just a word, it’s a movement. It’s a challenge – mine to you. Find little ways every single day to help your Leaders, Managers, and Reps feel like a well, you know.

How? Tune in for tips – and share yours. This is installment one of our Factor 8 Bad-Assery challenge. Let’s have some fun and together help our people feel great – and perform great at work.

P.S. Ready to move on to bad-assery tip #2? Watch it here.

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