Apply to #GirlsClub. Stop Doubting.

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Ladies, lean in.

Sometime in the last two months, you heard a voice.  No, not the crazy hearing voices kind of voice, but the future you, inspired you, the you-can-DO-this-and-you-SHOULD kind of voice.

I call it my little voice.  And every once in a while, she puts her foot down and she says, “MORE.” Not more please. Not more if there’s some left after everyone else gets some. More NOW, DAMMIT.

More. . . because I deserve it. 

Sometimes this is in a whisper.

You want more out of your career, and I built #GirlsClub to do EXACTLY that.

Now it’s time to apply.  This is NOT a time for doubt.  NOT a time to postpone.  NOT a time to be afraid to raise your hand internally and ask for the time and/or the budget to do this.  Rise up.  Fill out your application and book a meeting with your manager right now. Seriously, right now.

Explain your aspirations.  Give him or her a program information packet you downloaded.  Ask for his or her support.  Sit tall and ask.

That is step one.

It’s a big one.  But it’s critical.  And it is time to do it NOW.

YES, there are scholarships available.  I’m working my tail off so that you don’t have to ask for the full-boat budget.

How about we meet halfway?

You submit the application.  You ask for the budget.  You let them know everything it includes and why it’s worth it.  Let’s keep moving forward, and if we both get “no’s”, we will pull out.

But please, don’t quit now.  I need you to work as hard as I am to get you this new gig.

I can’t WAIT to see your application and your smiling face in this program.

Apply today!

Need help explaining the program?  Download the participant and mentor overview here.

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