3 Challenges Facing Every Remote Team (And How to Combat Them)

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Many of the same challenges we faced when we worked on-site carry over to this new reality of working remotely. Other, more recent obstacles are specific to virtual teams.

One advantage we have at our disposal today that was absent for the last generation is an abundance of high-end technology. Instant communication and remote workflows have become essentially mandatory worldwide as a result of COVID-19. Fortunately, there are a lot of really great ways you can use technology to make remote work more efficient and tolerable.

Here are 3 challenges technology can help solve while you and your team continue to work remotely.

Effective Communication

Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. When you were on-site, you were able to see your coworkers at their stations, in meetings, or while completing tasks as a team. How do you reconnect while maintaining high productivity?

Video communication software, like Zoom, allows you to participate in video and audio conferences, chats, and more from your computer or phone. You can share your screen, documents or other files and links amongst your team members to help overall comprehension and productivity.

Group chats are also essential for remote teams. These chat apps are useful for instant contact with colleagues, collaborators and even clients to discuss important tasks that may not require a meeting. Not sure what group chat software is best for you? Check out this comparison article to weigh your pros and cons to help you decide between two of the top contenders: Slack and GroupMe.

Sometimes too much communication can be more of a hindrance. We’ve tried a “no meeting Monday” to optimize the workweek. You could make this a “no Slack chat Monday” to allow you to focus more and limit distractions, while still leaving other communication open in case of urgency.

Time Management

A great way to better manage your time is to stay organized. Leave yourself reminders or clear notes of upcoming tasks. Label all of your important files and documents for ease of reference. This will save you from having to search when you need it now.

Another important factor for time management is your work-life balance. It can be easy to get so focused on your job that you aren’t taking time to take care of yourself. Take short breaks when you can to give your eyes, mind, and body some time away from your computer screen. Try these apps for harboring a healthy work-life balance.

Similarly, a challenge teams face while working from home is not having or taking the time to run out and shop for whatever supplies you need while working from home. This could be anything from migraine and allergy relief to office cleaning supplies. For those hectic, busy days, consider trying the convenience of a home essentials delivery service to get the household items you need without leaving your home. Use that time you just saved to make some coffee, do a quick workout, or plan for your upcoming meetings.

Remote Collaboration

It’s great that we can communicate with one another to make sure we’re all on the same page and have maintained our comradery, but in what way can technology help our teams get the job done more efficiently than ever? Try using some collaborative, coworking tools like Google Suite to help your coworkers.

What’s great about this service, and ones like it is that once the link to the document is shared, everyone with access is able to make real-time edits––no more waiting for an email response before you can proceed. Hop on a chat or video call and communicate while you edit. By utilizing this collaborative workspace, you’ll find that your team feels more apt to participate. This can cause your teammates to feel fulfilled and that their ideas and voices have been heard.

Staying connected during a global pandemic can be as challenging as it is important. By taking a look at your team’s priorities, you will be able to develop the correct solutions. Modern technology has made working remotely more user-friendly and efficient than ever before.

Share these solutions with your team and see what works best for you. At the very least, do your best to help your colleagues stay connected during these difficult times. You’ll be glad you did.

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