Why You Need a Sales Training and Enablement Budget for 2024

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Tons of amazing sales trainers and enablement folks fell victim to RIFs because of this year’s slow economy.

It’s unfortunate, but not surprising, right? We all know that when companies cut spending, training is one of the first things to go.

I’m here to talk to the progressive leaders who are seeing things turn around and planning for next year.

I beg you, please budget – or over budget – to bring your trainers and enablement people back so you can focus on reinvesting in your employees.

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Before the economy went south, we were fighting for talent (hello, Great Resignation). 

And what were these people looking for? Hint: Not just a paycheck.

  • They want career growth
  • They want learning opportunities 
  • They want a chance to do good
  • They want a boss they don’t hate
  • And, of course, they want more money 🙂

Then, we cut their learning.

Oh, and then we left them at home on an island with a swamped sales manager drowning in Slacks and emails and without the ability to listen to peers to learn how to do their jobs.

Folks, we have a crisis ahead of us.

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That’s why I’m here to offer you the chance to get ahead of the problems that are coming.

  • Plan ahead for 2024 training budgets
  • Bring back your trainers/enablement folks
  • Do more than buy video-based learning (it doesn’t work, trust me)
  • Buy reputable training content (check out The Sales Bar)
  • Train your managers (they’re the key to motivating reps)

Sellers are struggling. Our close rates are going down, our engagement rates are going down, and satisfaction rates are going down, this isn’t a coincidence. We quit training them and put them on an island with busy managers (who can also use some skills).

Do your future self a favor, and get back on track with enabling people to succeed. They need that investment so they can get these wins, be successful in sales faster, hit quota sooner, and stay longer.

Not sure what you should budget for sales training? Email me at LB@factor8.com and I’ll share some stats in the industry that will help you hit goal and be best-in-class. 

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