Transitioning Your Team from Field Sales to Virtual Sales – Interview with Premier Safety

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2020 has thrown a curve ball at many sales teams, but field sales teams have arguably made the most drastic changes due to the fact that most reps can no longer meet face-to-face with their prospects and clients.

Field Leaders are scrambling to figure out how their field reps can maintain relationships with existing customers without meeting in-person, while simultaneously training their team to sell over the phone to attract new business.

Ted Martin, CRO at Factor 8, recently sat down with some Friends of Factor 8 at Premier SafetyLisa Hubbard, Vice President Digital Sales and Marketing, and Aaron Jacob, Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager, to talk about how they successfully transitioned a field sales team to a virtual selling environment.

During this interview, Lisa and Aaron shared their experiences and tips on:

1. How they made the initial transition from field to virtual

2. The challenges they mitigated during the transition

3. Their tips for other field teams making the transition

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