Expert Advice for Annual Sales Management Strategy Planning

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I had the great pleasure of appearing with an all-star cast of Inside Sales experts giving advice to Inside Sales leaders for 2018 sales management strategy planning.  Check out the video hosted by Ambition and featuring Jared Houghton, Trish Bertuzzi, Steve Richard, and myself.  Tips to find:

  1. Account Based Revenue / Marketing Strategies
  2. Cohesive People Strategies
  3. Interviewing / Hiring Tips
  4. Onboarding and Ramp Reduction Tips
  5. Everybody Doesn’t Get a Trophy
  6. Developing Managers
  7. Leaders as Sellers Too!
  8. And more!

Check it out here and share with a friend.


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Highlights: 10 Key Takeaways from Our Experts

1. Start With Where: What Channels Should Drive Revenue?

2. War For Talent: Recognize the Need for New Hire Training.

3. Stop Selling Pens: Make Candidates Reach a Gatekeeper.

4. Use Call Recordings: Let New Hires Hear Voice of the Customer.

5. Network Hiring: Use LinkedIn Connections As Candidate References.

6. Selling is Driving: You Don’t Learn By Riding Shotgun.

7. Be Human: Personalize Your Communication.

8. Measuring Reps: Focus on Activity::Outcome Ratio.

9. Create Snipers: Balance Research and Calls.

10. Focus Coaching: Prioritize B-Players + New Hires.


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